Yes Union 30 Live, deluxe LP box set, 4 coloured 12" vinyl records

Sold Date: January 18, 2022
Start Date: November 18, 2021
Final Price: £97.00 (GBP)
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Used item in good overall condition. This is the version with silver logo on front of box. It includes 4 records, 2 booklets, and some small bits as shown in photos. Outer box: lots of marks as shown in photos. There are scratches from storage, and marks where someone put tape over the edges then pulled it off. 4 records: very good used condition with a small amount of dust. It's hard to tell with coloured vinyl, but it looks like there are no significant scratches. The exception to this is one noticeable scratch on the blue LP, although even this didn't show up in the photo. Sleeves: looking at reviews of this box set you'll see that the box is too tight, which bends the corners of each sleeve. You'll also see that it doesn't come with inner sleeves. Apart from this they are in good condition. Booklets and small bits: as new. I received it in this condition and haven't played any of the records myself. If not as expected I will pay for return postage and give a refund.
Includes only what is shown in photos.
Free postage or collection from St Andrews.
Note that I have a few of these, so exact item may differ slightly from photos, e.g. different marks on box. It will be in the same or better condition than the example photographed/described.
I have numbers #0135, #0538 (photographed), #0896, and #0914. Let me know if you'd like a particular number.