The Animals House Of The Rising Sun VG MGM ORIG 45 w/ PICTURE SLEEVE classic!

Sold Date: October 23, 2022
Start Date: September 2, 2022
Final Price: $19.99 (USD)
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The Animals House Of The Rising Sun VG MGM ORIG 45 w/ PICTURE SLEEVE classic!

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Our grading scale:  NM/EX/VG+/VG/VG-/G+/G/POOR  (see below for details)

All records are visually graded under multiple bright lights.

All records are vintage and not recent reissues, unless specified otherwise.

All records are packaged outside the cover in custom made oversized boxes that protect corners and ensure safe delivery.

We offer hassle-free returns. Sealed records may only be returned sealed. 

Within the USA, you get a shipping discount:  $6 for unlimited lps!  If you want to combine shipping, please wait to pay until all of your items have ended.  eBay should combine your items automatically and give you the shipping discount when you go to pay — There is no need to wait for an invoice for USA addresses.  

PLEASE NOTE that my local post office branch offers some of the worst service in the nation.  Though some people receive their records very quickly, others do not.  Many packages get sent through a media mail inspection facility.  Also, my post office DOES NOT SCAN ANYTHING.  Thus, my customers frequently find that the online tracking updates either the day before or the day of the delivery of their package.  Oh — sometimes they actually do scan packages, albeit incorrectly.  They will scan 300 packages as being delivered in Chicago instead of accepted.  I have tried everything in my power to get this to change, to no avail.  Patience is your only option.

We will send out invoices for international combined shipping a few days after all of the auctions have ended and I have packed the mountain of paid orders.  For international orders, we do not change the value on customs forms.  This is illegal and we could go to jail!


I have been buying and selling LPs for decades, and I take customer service and your satisfaction very seriously.  I value integrity and live by my word. That is why I strive to have extremely conservative and highly accurate grading.  Everything is graded visually, under a 100-watt light bulb for accuracy.  On the rare occassion that something is misgraded or if you have any issues with any item you receive, please just let us know and we will take care of it. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  Everything is VISUALLY GRADED ONLY.  Below you will find a description of our “old-school” grading policy.


NM  The record looks basically new. There are NO hairline scratches, NO marks of ANY KIND. Some records (especially recent pressings on 180g vinyl) come new with spots of discoloration, for which we do not downgrade. I do not use NM+ or NM-, only Near Mint.  


EX  As soon as we see even the slightest, faintest line, the record is no longer Near Mint but rather goes into this category. An Excellent record can have a small handful of light marks. Only inaudible light scuffs. This grade should be considered “close to perfect.”


VG+  When a record has more than a handful of light marks, it goes into this category. More marks and a few light hairlines are acceptable here.  Nothing that will cause repeating ticks or looks like it will cause consistent background noise or anything like that.  A VG+ record will satisfy most collectors.


VG  The record can have quite a few hairlines and maybe a few scratches.  There will likely be some noise, but it should play through and be very enjoyable. These are Very Good records and will satisfy most customers, unless you have a $300,000 stereo and want your records to sound as quiet as CDs (in which case, better stick to NM and EX). Fine for parties and casual listening.


VG-  Definitely noticeable surface noise.  Scratches.  Likely will play all the way through without skipping on a standard turntable with a properly set-up arm/needle, but may not.


G+  More and deeper marks and scratches, consistent noise, possible skips.  We rarely offer records in this condition.


G    This is 1 step above POOR, which is basically unplayable but will be desirable if it’s rare enough. We rarely offer records in this condition.


POOR  It’s a wall hanging, looks good on a shelf, maybe you have a cover and need the record or vice versa. Again, we rarely sell these. 

The plural of vinyl is vinyl.

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