Blade Runner ( Soundtrack) The New American Orchestra - USA 1st press (1982)

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The Blade Runner soundtrack on vinyl, featuring The New American Orchestra and Vangelis, is a must-have for fans of the classic sci-fi film. This first press 1982 release by Warner Bros. in the United States is in excellent condition, with a grading of Excellent (EX) for the record and Very Good Plus (VG+) for the sleeve. The record is a 12" LP, spinning at 33 RPM, and comes in classic black vinyl. This film score/soundtrack is a timeless piece of music, and this import version includes all the original tracks. The record label is Warner Bros. and the release title is Blade Runner. This vinyl is perfect for collectors, audiophiles, and fans of the film looking to enhance their listening experience. Don't miss out on this rare find!