THIAM, Tidiane - Africa Yontii - Vinyl (LP)

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Side 1 - Track 1. Dannibe PineSide 1 - Track 2. Neene AfricaSide 1 - Track 3. NANKASide 1 - Track 4. TooSide 2 - Track 1. YewendeSide 2 - Track 2. Oo DunaSide 2 - Track 3. YangueSide 2 - Track 4. Podor Douera GasbaSide 2 - Track 5. Malisadio

Tidiane Thiam's Africa Yontii speaks volumes beyond its melodic notes, conveying a powerful message of change and empowerment for Africa. Thiam's expressive guitar work serves as his voice, articulating the need for African agency and self-determination. Born in the Senegalese town of Podor, Thiam's compositions draw from his deep roots in Pulaar folk music, enriched by collaborations with hip-hop producer Ndiaye Moctar. In this album, Thiam addresses pressing issues facing Africa's youth and reflects on the challenges of leaving loved ones behind in pursuit of a brighter future. Despite grappling with heavy themes, his music radiates with love for his homeland and heritage. Africa Yontii boldly reclaims the narrative of "world music," placing African voices and perspectives at the forefront. Through soulful melodies and poignant lyrics, Thiam beckons Africa to seize its destiny and usher in a new era of change and progress.