Sold Date: May 14, 2019
Start Date: May 9, 2019
Final Price: $577.00 (USD)
Bid Count: 18
Seller Feedback: 671
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I don't have audio to any of my vinyl that i'm selling, but BEFORE YOU BID ON THIS VINYL, please google this band and song of CABALLO PSICODELICO with LEO SOTO so you can HEAR this very soughtafter KILLER vinyl.
Also, do a little research on this particular 45 so you can  know EXACTLY where this vinyl stands when it comes to collectability and price.
If i'm correct, the lowest that this vinyl has sold 'AT AUCTION' in the past has been at $400, and the highest at over $1,000.00 ...so don't miss out on this HARD TO FIND vinyl as basically the  ones that exist are put away by collectors and will not be coming  out any time soon.
NOTE:  Most of the ones that sold at auction in the past WERE NOT               Promo Vinyl as this one...this FALCON PROMO vinyl is super               rare,EXTREMELY RARE and definitely SUPER collectible...don't miss out!!
It is very important that you read this whole item description section so you can know EXACTLY what you will be buying.
First things first:  I am not an expert on grading vinyl, but this particular 45 vinyl will                            be described to the best of my ability (just what I see). 
Just so you know; I DO NOT DO PARTIAL REFUNDS as this vinyl is being described                               to the best of my ability...if you have ANY questions, please ask                               BEFORE BIDDING. Thank you.
What I have here for you today (based on my research), is a VERY RARE promotional  45 vinyl on FALCON of LEO SOTO singing this very soughtafter, super collectible song of CABALLO PSICODELICO.
CONDITION: Side 1: CABALLO PSICODELICO has a few very light surface scratches                                    but it plays all the way through beautifully.
                       Side 2: ACERCAME A TU VIDA has a few very light surface scratches                                    but it plays all the way through beautifully as side 1.
Sleeve is all white and NEW. ___________________________________________ NOTE:  If you win this 45/vinyl and you live in another              country other than the USA, please note that               this vinyl will only go out with eBay's Global              Shipping Program ONLY...please do not ask               to send it any other way.  Thank you. ____________________________________________
Item will be Carefully packed and QUICK SHIPPING VIA USPS PRIORITY ONLY.

Don't miss out!     Bid now!!
    Good Luck and Happy Bidding.                               

On May-12-19 at 16:11:14 PDT, seller added the following information:

Buy it from ME for LESS, or buy it from THEM for MORE.
I WILL EXPLAIN:  Just in case you don't know:  As of the year 2018(based on internet information), ONLY 3 people/collectors own this particular vinyl of Caballo Psicodelico on Falcon, and as of the year 2018, 113(One hundred and thirteen) people/collectors WANT(are looking for) this vinyl.
JUST SO YOU KNOW: At least ONE person that ALREADY OWNS ONE of this Caballo Psicodelico, that also sells vinyl 'TO YOU', is bidding on this particular Vinyl Of Caballo Psicolelico.  Maybe he's bidding on it to add another one to his collection - Could be that he doesn't own a PROMO, or MAYBE he wants it to sell it to you at a very high price.
If you are HERE you know that this vinyl is very soughtafter, so buy it from ME for LESS or buy it from THEM for MORE, at an extremely high price(since it's a PROMO).
Don't miss out on this GREAT TREASURE!                   Bid Now!!
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