COOL MARITIME Sharing Waves LP NEW VINYL Leaving reissue

Sold Date: September 11, 2021
Start Date: August 4, 2020
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Sean Hellfritsch (husband to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith) returns to Leaving Records with his second outing for the label as Cool Maritime. Sharing Waves is all-expansive environments, and fully-realized worlds to explore and get lost in. A persistent sense of adventure and excitement is practically baked into the songs, many of them having been recorded in inspiring and remote outdoor locations using a nomadic studio including a "lunchbox" modular system. The narrative flair of this instrumental music comes naturally to Hellfritsch, who is also an accomplished filmmaker.

A1 Engage 01:01
A2 Climbing Up 04:19
A3 Forest Bathing 14:03
B1 Mossage 02:39
B2 Dropping In 06:08
B3 Secret Caves 02:46
B4 A Restful Place 08:32

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