BONOBO Dial 'M' For Monkey 2x LP NEW VINYL Ninja Tune reissue

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2020 reissue - Simon Green's Bonobo project may not have the respect of discriminating, forward-thinking electronica fans, but his melody-driven downbeat pop is no less interesting for its lack of processing power -- in fact, Dial "M" for Monkey is more intriguing for its focus on discernible melodies as well as experimental samples. Green's second proper Bonobo album is a model of structure and economy; though he uses just a few elements for each song and rarely varies the rhythm, the results are always compelling listening. Breakbeats power most of these tracks, befitting its release on Ninja Tune, though much like labelmate Fog, Green's interests don't lie in hip-hop or even trip-hop; his influences encompass alternative rock ("Something for Windy" is reminiscent of the Cure) and world music (are those Indonesian gamelan bells driving "D Song" or something from a children's toy?).

A1 Noctuary
A2 Flutter
A3 D Song
B1 Change Down
B2 Wayward Bob
B3 Pick Up
C1 Something Longer For Windy
C2 Nothing Owed
C3 Light Pattern
D1 Pick Up (Fourtet Remix)
D2 Behind The Light

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