The Beatles - The White Album - 1st Press Misprint Vinyl LP Record Complete 1968

Sold Date: February 11, 2024
Start Date: February 9, 2024
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The Beatles - The White Album - 1st Press Misprint Vinyl  1968 Mono PMC 7067/8 Double vinyl 1st press copy of this classic album. Very very early press as it's the top opening misprint version - no 'EMI Recording' on the label of either disc. This was very quickly rectified on other early pressings. This is one of the first batch pressed. Low number as well (each is numbered on the front of the sleeve - this is number 0068775. Also comes complete with original black inners, original set of 4 portrait photos and the original poster. This is a very rare complete set.  Condition. The sleeve is in overall very good condition with some age related marks (always going to happen on a completely white sleeve) The top opening is a little worn due to use. No splits, rips or creases. Black inners are in good condition also. The 4 portrait pictures are very good and have never been hung by the looks of them. The larger poster is overall very good other than a tear (see pictures) and again doesn't look like it's ever been up on a wall. The records themselves are more difficult to grade. Visually they have a lot of surface marks. I have cleaned them both with L'art Du Son cleaning fluid and a Pro-Ject cleaning machine. They play without skipping or jumping but there is a fair amount of background noise. In parts it sounds great, in others it sounds crackly. If there was such a grading they would likely be between fair+ and good-. I have played both records a number of times in order to test them and I have tried to be as honest as I can with the overall assessment of how they sound to me.  Any questions feel free to ask and I will come back to you asap. This is a very collectable record and would be valued higher if the records were in mint condition.