MINT Prog + Rock LPs from '70s in lots of 4 - Genesis, Renaissance, Tull, Yes

Sold Date: February 13, 2020
Start Date: January 22, 2020
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Price is $40 for any 4 you select. That's any four you want, but please, nothing less than four. Most of these albums have been played only ONCE (transferred to tape) then stored in vinyl sleeves to protect the jacket. Both the media and the jackets are MINT, and 'like new' where indicated. Shipping is $8. Items ship U.S.P.S. Media Mail the Friday after purchase. Continental U.S. only.     Genesis, And Then There Were Three - Charisma CDS 4010 U.K. (gatefold) (like new)      Genesis, Duke - Charisma CBR101 U.K. (gatefold) (like new)      Genesis, Seconds Out (2) - Charisma GE2001 U.K. (gatefold) (like new)      Genesis, Spot the Pigeon - Atlantic EP1800 U.S. (like new)      Genesis, Abacab - Atlantic SD19313 U.S. (like new)      Genesis, Three Sides Live (2) - Charisma U.K. (gatefold) (like new) - see NOTE below! (*)      Genesis, From the Mouth of the Monster (2) - Slipped Disc (very good sound recording!) - Chicago '78      Yes, In the Round (2) - Slipped Disc (very good sound recording)      Led Zeppelin, Live in Seattle '73 (2)- U.S. Phoenix 44772 (like new) (unknowm recording quality)      Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick - U.S. (gatefold) contains original newspaper (fair condition)      Jethro Tull, Stand Up - U.S. Chrysalis CHR 1042 (original 'stand up' gatefold) (fair condition)      Jethro Tull, Passion Play - U.S. Chrysalis (gatefold with original pamphlet) (fair condition)      Jethro Tull, Aqualung - U.S. Chrysalis (gatefold with original textured jacket) (fair condition)      Moody Blues, Caught Live Plus Five (2) - U.S. Decca 4.28412 (gatefold) (like new)      Grateful Dead, Make Believe Ballroom (2) - Australia (like new) (better than average recording quality)      Devo, B Stiff - U.K. Stiff Records ODD-1 (like new)      Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour - Japanese EMI EAS-80569 (like new) (24-page picture book)      Darol Anger, Fiddlistics - U.S. Kaleidoscope F-8 (like new)      Pentangle, Open the Door - U.S. Varrick 017 (like new)      The Who, Odds & Sods - U.K. Track Records 2406-116 (like new)      Mike Rutherford, Smallcreep's Day, U.S. Passport PB9-843 (like new) (cutout)      Stackridge, Pinafore Days - U.S. Sire (like new) (cutout)      Renaissance, Prologue - U.S. Capital SMAS-11116 (gatefold) (like new)      Renaissance, Renaissance - U.S. Elektra EKS-74068 (like new)      Anthony Phillips & Enrique Garcia, Private P&P III - U.S. PVC-8908 (like new)      Anthony Phillips, Sides - U.S. Passport PS-9834 (like new) (cutout)      Anthony Phillips, After the Event - U.S. Passport PB-9828 (like new) (cutout)      Anthony Phillips, The Geese and the Ghost - U.S. Passport PP-98020 (like new) (cutout)      P.F.M. , Chocolate Kings - Italia Numero Uno ZSLN 55684(like new)      Tony Banks, The Fugitive - U.S. Charisma 812 383-1 (like new)  . . . . and more coming! (*) The U.K. pressing of 'Three Sides' differs from the domestic on side 4. See: