Both RCA Victor 45 rpm Introductory & First Anniversary Albums Correct Contents!

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These are the original albums, as packed by RCA in 1949. The Introductory Album has the correct 14 records, the Anniversary Album has the correct 10 records. Both have the 70 page 45 rpm catalog that came with these albums.
The 14 records are in the correct -1 sleeve, the 10 records are in the correct -2 sleeve. All records have the original gold printed labels (later replaced with silver print to solve fading problems.
The Introductory album contains: black vinyl.....47-2798, 47-2799, 47-2800, 47-2811, 47-2853, 47-3049, green vinyl....48-0001, 48-0004, red vinyl...49-0132, 49-0201, 49-0527, deep blue vinyl....52-0021, 52-0022, 52-0071.
The First Anniversary album is identical except for the deletion of 47-3049, 48-0001, 49-0132, and 52-0021.
There are more names listed on these album than records inside because 2798, 2799 and 2800 haveĀ  different artists on sides A and B.
The sleeves are all in excellent condition, the album boxes are VG, the records are Vg+ or better.
Other listings for these albums contain errors such as missing catalogs, incorrect sleeves and wrong records.
The Introductory album was released a few months after the introduction of the 45 (March, 1949). The First Anniversary album came in early 1950 evidently celebrating the pressing of the very first 45 record (Peewee the Piccolo on yellow vinyl) in Dec. 1948.
Neither album has 50 series pressings (blues on orange vinyl, 51 series (foreign on light blue vinyl) or 47 series childrens (on yellow vinyl).

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