Steely Dan - Greatest Hits - DBL LP Vinyl Record Album - Gatefold

Sold Date: December 30, 2023
Start Date: September 25, 2023
Final Price: $32.50 (USD)
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These records are in very good condition.   I see no warping.  There are a few superficial scratches but nothing near deep enough to affect the sound quality.  The sleeve has some rubs along the edges and corners but overall looks very good.  I personally love this album.  I have it on CD.   I played the records to test them.  They sound great.  

Over the last year I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Penny Alesi. She has been in the news many times due to her deceased husband Jack Idema.  She has made documentaries about her story and is currently in production with Netflix about her life with Jack and her life now.   Penny is truly a sweetheart. She has been hindered with tons of collectibles, memorabilia that her and Jack collected to the point that she needs to downsize to simplify things.   She has put her faith in my company to move her and for my eBay store to help her find good homes for these great items.  I have thousands of her belongings to sell and currently can get items Autographed by her if you are interested. Feel free to contact me on autograph fees and availability.  Her first documentary is available on utube and she will soon be on Netflix.   If you see this Template in the description, you can be assured that the item you are buying belonged to either Penny, Jack or both of them.