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These 6 albums are from my personal collection.  I describe them the best I can so please check out photos too.  
WHOSE GARDEN WAS THIS    1970   RCA USA  corp.  LSP-4414 album is  excellent, sleeve has 1" slit in side but otherwise excellent, Album cover is intact but has some "shelf wear"
WINDSONG            1975     RCA USA CORP.  APL1-1183 album is excellent , sleeve (with words)  is excellent, but has 4" slit in bottom and 1" slit in side, Album cover has minimal shelf wear but has one slit in bottom
FAREWELL ANDROMEDA    1973   dynaflex RCA Records APL1-0101        album is excellent, sleeve is missing but I provide vinyl sleeves, lyric sheet is excellent,  Album cover is in excellent condition but has slight wear on corners and fold
GREATEST HITS VOLUME 2     1977  RCA  records   CPL1-2195 album is excellent,   lyric sleeve excellent but  has 1" slit on side,  album cover is excellent, just one worn corner, and I just noticed it has an inscription "Love You Gary".  I was trying to figure out who Gary was then I remembered it was my second husband!!   
ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH    1972      dynaflex  RCA USA Corp.      LSP-4731 album is in excellent condition, sleeve is excellent but has 1" slit at corner, album has some slight wear at the corners but otherwise excellent
GREATEST HITS    1973   RCA VICTOR USA RECORDS     AFL1-0374 album is Very Good+, sleeve is wrinkled with 2" slit in bottom, album cover is excellent with very slight wear at 3 corners
Albums will be in vinyl sleeves out of jacket,  and each will be separated from other albums.