Cenotaph "Re-Puked Purulency" 12" pic disc, death suffocation cannibal corpse

Sold Date: August 3, 2021
Start Date: July 3, 2014
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Limited edition (250 only) 12" picture disc: Comes in 350 gsm jacket with 3 mm spine, transparent inner sleeve and polybag.

The record is from 97 and taken out of DAT tapes and mastered for this vinyl release (mix untouched, original sound preserved).

Cover art by Jon Zig.

I will include the CD version of this release as a bonus. The cd has "re-puked album + 95/ 96 demos, rehearsals and live material from 90' s....

CD version has a completely different artwork and design by Mike Hrubovcak (visual darkness).

Description from Record Labels Web Page:

An ever evolving broken cacophony is what this 18 year old filthy obscure record is reflecting upon mankind. The muddy guitar, upfront bass, layered deep low vocals and high pitch hellish screams merge with hidden drum attacks to form a disturbing audial assault even to the seasoned ear. Every passage is constantly changing and mutating into forms as incestuously deformed as what precedes it. Twisted riffs shoot past you in a blur, slow down and then speed away suddenly into nothingness with unsettling syncopation. The cancerous black growths in the guts of humanity, flesh and organ tones, all dripping and vomiting into an infinite cesspool below is the ultimate representation of these seven hymns of sickness by mighty Jon Zig. The brutal grinding death gore metal classic is back for the vinyl treatment !! AMAZING BRUTAL RECORD!!! Strickly limited to only 250 Copies!!! GET YOURS NOW!!!

You will get an un-opened/ un-used, brand new picture disc.

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