Andromeda - Andromeda (Original RCA Album 1969 RCA Label SF 8031 Stereo)

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Andromeda – Andromeda   RCA Records SF 8031 1969

Single Sleeve – Laminated Front

Matrix Numbers:-

 XGBS 0093 1

XGBS 0094 1


Face One

  Too Old

  Day of the Change

  And Now the Sun Shines

  Turns to Dust: Discovery - Sanctuary – Determination


Face Two

    Return to Sanity: Breakdown - Hope - Conclusion

   The Reason

   I Can Stop the Sun

   When to Stop: The Traveller - Turning Point - Journey's End


John Cann   Guitar Vocals

Mark Hawksworth Bass Guitar Vocals

Ian McLane Drums


Arranged and produced by Andromeda

Sleeve Design John Cann

Photography Gered Mankowitz

Eddie Offord Engineer

Advision Sound Studios London June 1969


Only studio album from Prog Rock trio Andromeda. This came out in 1969 by which time they had already done a session for John Peel.


It’s power trio prog rock.  Big guitar sound with references to classical themes.

 Sadly it didn’t sell well and soon after John Cann moved on to become John DuCann  with Atomic Rooster with Vincent Crane and Carl Palmer late of Crazy World Of Arthur Brown.


This album has been reissued on vinyl and within the “Definitive Collection” CD. However, if you want a 1969 original, please look over the pictures and take a listen to this copy.   On with the main event.......



 The sleeve is in very good condition*.  There are cracks in the laminate and minor discolorations. The back of the sleeve has a rectangular stamp stating that it came from the Record Dept of Plummer’s Store in Southampton. They won’t have another copy in and, sadly, closed down in 1993


I’ve uploaded separate pictures of the front and back sleeves plus a close up shot to demonstrate the Plummer’s Stamp.   The photographer is pretty famous for shots of Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Kate Bush include her Lionheart LP cover.


The Vinyl is in good* condition.  There are noticeable marks on the record. 

I’ve added a couple of photographs which should clarify this. (Shiny vinyl is a swine to capture well!)

The mark on side one is audible through the last minute of “And Now The SunShines” and into a section of “Turns To Dust”


Side 2 begins very quietly indeed. From the stylus touchdown there is about 35 seconds with noticeable background noise before the music is really audible.  

 This is Return To Sanity “Breakdown” which reminds me of “Mars” from The Planets.


The melody of “When To Stop” had me humming “Still I’m Sad” by The Yardbirds… but I digress.


The labels are fine. Photographs are included.


Good News Everyone. I’ve recorded this copy and have created a “Player” within


I used to be able to implant this within an Ebay listing but they have withdrawn this handy facility.  Not wishing to struggle with HTML code I’ve opted for a link to this player.  If you open the link in a new window you should not lose your place within ebay.


Do check it out. The player will allow you to select sides separately. The 3rd goes to the last minute of “And Now The Sun Shines” and into a section of “Turns To Dust” That should highlight the significance of the mark described in this write up.



(This album recorded on my Linn Sondek turntable using “Audacity”, exported as two 320  kbps MP3 files and uploaded into eCommerce Player. No editing whatsoever even the lead ins are included.)


Thanks for looking over this item. I've done my best to highlight any deficiencies and again request that you have a listen before placing a bid.


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* As per Record Collector Magazine's Grading Guide reproduced below.


Record will be send using a “Music Omax” cruciform mailer with a  cardboard  stiffener included.



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Package weighs 428 g before inserting a note and sealing up.


Record Collector Magazine's Grading Guide:

MINT: The record itself is in brand new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. The cover and any extra items such as the lyric sheet, booklet or poster are in perfect condition. Records advertised as Sealed or Unplayed should be Mint.

EXCELLENT: The record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality. The cover and packaging might have slight wear and / or creasing.

VERY GOOD: The record has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on the cover or extra items, without any major defects, is acceptable.

GOOD: The record has been played so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion and mild scratches. The cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, discolouration, etc.

FAIR: The record is still just playable but has not been cared for properly and displays considerable surface noise; it may even jump. The cover and contents will be torn, stained and / or defaced.

POOR: The record will not play properly due to scratches, bad surface noise, etc. The cover and contents will be badly damaged or partly missing.

BAD: The record is unplayable or might even be broken, and is only of use as a collection filler.