Collection of 425 Olskool records, oldskool hardcore, house, rave mainly 89 - 92

Sold Date: November 7, 2018
Start Date: October 28, 2018
Final Price: £650.00 (GBP)
Seller Feedback: 199
Buyer Feedback: 935

Around 425 Oldskool records in mint to good condition.  

list below - 

Will only sell as 1 job lot - no offers any inspection welcome

Utah Saints 

What can you do for me

2 Bad Mice

Hold it down Feat Bombscare, Waremouse, 2 Badmice Remix

Dance Consiparcy

Dub War

Human Resource 

Dominator - Joey Beltram and Frank de Wulf Remixes

Rhythm Section

Comin On Strong - Feel the Ryhythm, Nu Generation, Is the Real, Emotion

True Faith

Take me Away

4 Hero

Mr Kirks Nightmare

Carl Cox

I want you forever

Tekno Too

Jet Star

Teknoo Too

Feel The Power


I want You 


I'm Comin Hardcore

Altern 8 (2 copies)

Vertigo EP Silver Edition

Digital Orgasm

Moog Eruption

The Prodigy 

What evil Lurks, We Gonna Rock, Android, Everybody in the place

The Prodigy 

Charly - Alley Cat Mix, Pandemonium, Your Love, Charly Original Mix



Human  Resource

The Complete Dominator, Beltram Mix, Frank De Wulf Mix 1 and 2, Mentak Speed Mix, Original Mix

4 Hero

Cooking up Yah Brain, Burning, Time to Get Ill, Wheres the Boy 9Trial by Ecstasy)

Manix Bad Attitude

I Cant Stand It, You Held My Hand, Never Been to Belgium, Oblivion (head in the clouds)

Charlie Says 

Bass N Buzz

2 - Mad

Don’t Hold Back The Feeling

Nebula 2

X-Plore-H-Call, PeaceMaker

Nu Matic

Frequential Fatigue, Into a Dream


Heaven & Hell, Holistic

Doc Scott

Surgery Remix, The Terminator

Fabio and Grooverider

Rage, Rotation, Total Recall

Nebula 2

Séance, Atheama

Nebula 2

Flat Liner Remix, C-O-D Rider Remix

Rum and Black

This is the Way, Tablet Man

Urban Shakedown Feat Mickey Finn

Some Justice, Original Mx, 7" Dash mix, Concrete jungle mix, Summer Break

Nu Matic

Spring in my step, Keep you movin, Its Strange (dances are Changing), All Over Me, 

Sudden Def

Let it hit dem, Give it to me, Fall like rain, Outa control


DJs take control, The noise, Way in my Brain, The noise remix

Shut up and Dance

The Green Man, The Green Man - rum and black remix, Autobiography of a crackhead

The Prodigy 

Everybody in the place, Crazy man, G - Force, Rip up the soundsystem

6 Bells All

Sweet & Bitter, Sweet & Bitter Melt Mix, Me the mailman

Rebel MC

The Wickedest Sound, Don Gorgon mix, Soundclash mix, Instrumental


Let the music use you, 92 Hardcore remix, Original Club mix, original dub mix

Q Bass

Hardcore will never die, E Type version, Radio Clean version, telepathy mix


God of Abraham, Rave Mix

XL Recordings LP



Channel X

Rave the rhythm

Holy Noise

The Noise

John + Julie


Set Up System

Fairy Dust

External Group


Cubic 22

Night in motion

Digital Boy

Gimme a fat beat


Where is your evidence

The Prodigy 



The Spirit

Praga Khan

Rave Alarm

Tone Def

Projection, Aftertouch, Powermetric, Pshychic T.D


The Water Paradox (white Label)


Music takes you orignal version, Musci takes two, piano takes you, ecstasy takes you

Altern 8

Infiltrate 202 Remix, Give it to me baby, Life is a never ending song

Bizarre Inc

Such a feeling, Raise me, Frenzy

Altern 8

Hypnototic ST-8, Higher ST-8 mix, DJ Nexs Break, Infiltrate 202 - Joey Beltram Remix, Armageddon WE-H8 Garage mix

Altern 8

Evapor 8 inciner 8 remix, Armageddon Radi 8 Mix, Infiltrate 202 - astrix and space remix, Frequency - Hallucin 8 remix

T99 (2 copies)

Nocturne - 3 oclock mix, 6 oclock mix, Nocturne Victory instrumental and 9 oclock edit


Lago extreme mix, Nucleaur djpc extreme mix, Bassline trax mix, Dub version

DJ Seduction

Hardcore Heaven - Hardcore and Heaven mixes

Altern 8 

Overload EP, Move my body, Destiny, Depth of Sound, Return of techno city, Passion Devotion, Reel time status, underground, objective

Altern 8

Activ 8 (come with me), Hardcore Holocaust mix, vix-vap mix, Move my Body- Hard hardcore mix- Re indulge freetown mix

Urban Shadedown

The Assassinator, Quasar, Do it now! There is no other




Different Strokes, Different Strokes - Grooverider Remix

Blame Remixes

Music Takes You - Chaotic chemistry remix, Music takes you - 2 Bad Mice Remix

Ibiza Records

Let Go, Johnny

Second Phase

Mentasm Remix, Vortex

Mental Overdrive

Communion, Soma, Swirl, Electric Sunrise


Roobarb and Custard - mix 1 and 2, Bolts Beats

Digital Orgasm (2 copies)

Running out of Time - rave mix & eruption mix

Praga Khan

Rave Alert 3 x mixes


The way I see things, Bad bad man, Either join the crew or get beat down, I love hardcore


The Bulldog - data flow mix, Listen to the rhythm flow - delerious mix

Bizarre Inc 

Playing with knives - quadrant mix, Plutonic

Beltram (2 copies)

Energy Flash EP, Energy Flash, Psyco Bass, My Sound, Sub Bass Experience

Strictly Underground (DJ Hype/Mark Ryder) 

The Burial - Kurfew hour mix & hyped up dj mix, The Psycotic psychiatric

Praga Khan

Injected with a poison -rehab and radio edit mixes

Human Resource 

Dominator, Misomega, House Feelings

Digital Excitation

Pure Pleasure - rave - repeat until mix - original mix - pure bonus mix

Edge Records 1

Compnded, FL IT, CLR Sky, Undrstand

DJ Parkhurst 

White label - NS Fletcher, DJ Parkhurst

M - D - Emm

Get Down - hands in the air mix, hardcore ravers mix, fantasy ufo mix, inst mix

The Prodigy 

Experience double album


Music Reach

Wind it Up

your love



out of space

Everybody in the place, Crazy man, G - Force, Rip up the soundsystem

weather experience


ruff in the jungle business

death of the prodigy dancers

The Hypnotist 

The Complete Hypnotist Double Album

Rainbows in the sky

death by dub

pioneers of the warped groove

death in frankfurt

night of the living e heads


hardcore you know the score

day of the trip heads

god of the universe

house is mine

pypees magic journey



On a Ragga Trip, Pleasure, Changing Trax, Bass Quake


40 Miles, Better Grooves, 40 Miles Vocal version

Shades of Rhythm

Sweet Sensation


Inspirit - techno & boom boom mix


Metropolis - Cant stop the feeling and piano dub mix


Powergen, Temperature Rising


Move Your Body - club, alternative & other mix

Bizarre inc with Blue Pearl

white lable playing with knives

Donna Gardier (2 copies)

Good Thing - Sasha in Japan and Sashapella mix

Last Rhythm Last Rhythm


Creative Thieves

Nasty Rhythm - Sasha MFI Mix - PKA Itropella and shaboo trance mix


Dance with me I'm your ecstasy - Original, hard on mix and strange cocal mix

FPI Project

Everybody all over the world - solar power remix, classic vocal mix and original FPI mix

Salsa House

You used to Salsa - Salsa house dub mix

K - Klass

Rhythm is a dancer, Piaone, I V B M, Dream

Frank De Wulf 

The B Sides, The Tape, Magic Orchestra, Compression, Butterfly

Art Science Technology

AST, Esus Flow, Esus Flow - vast galaxy remix

2 For Joy

In a state - Juno Latino mix and mixed emotion mix

The Doc

Portrait of  Masterpiece - CJs ed it mix - 7 " edit mix - Hip Hop 12" extended mix, original album version


Everybodys free - original and free bamba mix

Brothers in rhythm 

Such a good feeling - owls in the outback mix - Peace and Harmony - Celelestial harmony dub mix

Easy Mo

Nightmare, N2, Cut and Run, I can do it

Felix (2 copies)

Don’t you want me - Hooj - Original - Red Jerrys - Fierce mix

Frankie Bones and Lenny Dee (2 copies)

Loony Tunes Volume 2 Album

Frankie Bones and Lenny Dee

Just as long as I got you - warehouse rave, brooklyn club version, original version, bones break mixes

Love Decade (2 copies)

So Real - massive, crunch, Elysian and Accapella mixes

C & C Music Factory

Gonna make you sweat - Slammin vocal , civilies and cole dj's choice and the master mix

Age Of Love

The Age of Love - watch out for stella club, sign of the time, opm, new age and boeing mixes

DJ Professor & Francesco Zapella

We Gotta do it 

Friends of Matthew

The calling - this planet, The calling - the other planet


All 4 Love - Club, dub instrumental, robs rap and acapella mixes

Fantasy UFO

Fantasy - Club cut, Fusion of dreams, strictly underground remix and met the speaker mix

East side beat

Ride like the wind

Kym Simms 

Too Blind to see it

Crystal waters

gypsy woman

Hello Core

Good Feeling

Chuck Roberts

Can you feel it

Frank De Wulf 

The B Sides Volume 1

The House Crew

We are hardcore, Maniac - Hyper mix


Its Just a Feeling, It’s a tough beat

The House Crew

Keep the fire burning remix 1 and 2

Liquid (2 copies)

Sweet Harmong, Phog, Feel 3

Jay Mondi

Take me Away

Manic MC's

The Beat

Turntable Symphony

Instructions of Life, Cant Stop, Cant Remix, Remix of Life



Voodoo Child

Voodoo Child, No Buttons to  Push



Knights of the turntable 

Volume 1, Tinmen, 18 strings, sold, come on, King Bee, back by dope demand, Young MC know how

CE CE Peniston

Keep Giving me your love

The Reece Project

So Deep

White label

Eurythmics here comes the rain DMC Mix, Jimi Polo better days, Sexsonic You, Ce Ce Rogers All join Hands

Lil Louis

French Kiss


Satan, Belfast


JJ Tribute

DJ H Feat Stefy 

Move your love, I like it

FPI Project


The Exorcist 

The Scientist


Loving you like crazy

Think Tank

Hack one, A knife and a fork



Inner city 

let it reign

KC Flight

Jump for joy


I wanna give you devotion

N Joi

Anthem, Manic, Techno Gangsters

FPI Project

Rich in paradise

Bizarre inc

I'm gonna get you 

White label

Shades of rhythm sound of eden, DJ seduction hardcore heaven


Is there anybody out there

Frank de wulf

beyond the B sides

Frank De Wulf 

B Sides volume IV

The House Crew

The Theme, Euphoria

The Awesome 3

Don’t Go, Headstrong


The Omen

Moby Mixes (2 copies)



Sweet Harmony, one love family

Total Fusion

Broken Rhym, eternal Fusion

Cola Boy 

7 Ways to Love


Rhythm is a dancer



D Mob - Kathy dennis

C'mon get my love

808 State vs UB40

1 in 10

Candi Staton

You got the love

Rhythm is Rhythm

Strings of Life

Shades of Rhythm

Homicide, Exorcist


Music of the future

Love Revolution

Give it to me baby, Scream


Hardcore Uproar

Baby D

Let me be your Fantasy


Make my body rock, Someone to Love me, Share, Don’t you want my love, 

You knew boy, Dance, Got a love for you, It aint no big thing, When love hurts

The true meaning of love

D Shake

My heart the beat, Dance the night away

Spiral Symphony

The Scientist, For those who know


Can you feel it

Urban Cookie Collective

Feels like heaven

Bomb the Bass

Say a little prayer, 10 seconds, Terminate

K - Klass

The wildlife EP, Into the night, Wildlide, Loafman, Athletico

Shades of Rhythm

Ecstasy Remix, Dance to the rhythm




On a Ragga Trip, Pleasure, Changing Trax, Bass Quake

Faze 2

Humanizer, So many ways

Yeke Yeke (white label)

AKA, Feel it in the Air

Slow Bongo Floyd

Open up your heart

The Hypnotist 

Rainbows in the sky


Just wanna hold you tight, Master Dub, Heavy duty


UHF, Peacehead, 


DMU, Trouble, Yum men da, Rave detroit

Renegade Soundwave

The phantom, Space gladiator

Project one (white label)

Cheeba EP


Casa nero the dawn, 

Hardcore noise

Pulling myself to pieces, Boomer, Help me mama


Its not over, Future le funck, Take me

Strictly Underground (Rebel M/Mark Ryder) 

The future is now, Nightmare

Rebel MC

Tribal Base

The Future Sound of London

Papua New Guinee

Fantasy UFO

Mind body soul

Code 71 & Mad

A London sumtin remix, Stop that



Hocus Pocus

Dound boy, I cant understand

Shut up and Dance

Genesis, Rest in Peace

Faze 2

A trip to TrumptonTronik House, Straight Outa Hell, Detroit Breakcore


Quench Hope remix, Elevator

House of Venus

You Got to have it, Dish and Tell

Irdial Sterio

Aqua Regia

808 State vs UB40

Copbra Bora, Ancodia, Cubik

Audio Assault (white Label)

Planet 303 EP

Attic (white label)



Please don’t go, Game boy, Collision

Shut up and dance


Snow Girl

Ive been hurt

808 State 

Cubiktomix, Cubic remix


N-joy, UHM, Set them free, Hypnotic

Trick Disco

Tricky Disco


Do it for love

Cathedral City

(double 12") Screen II, Let the record spin

Mr Spring vs Bucket Hedz (white label)

Unexploded Bomb

Sonic Solution

Quest, Music

Depeche Mode

World in my eyes, plus remixes


Euphoria Remix


Nurture, We are back


3 Nudes in a purple garden, 3 Nudes having sax on acid, Pacific coastal highway


Staker Humanoid


The Saint, The Sinner

808 State 

Cubik Olympic

The Orb

fluffy little clouds, into the 4th dimension

JT and the big family

Moments in soul, eden

Phantastic Orgasms, 

Listen 2 da music, Hard times

Guru Josh



I feel it, Thousand

LA Style

James Brown is dead

Kristine W

Feel what you want remixes

Alison Limerick

Come back for real ove, where love lives

Sven Vath



Tainted love

Tony Di Bart

The real thing remixes

Club House

light my fire

BB Club

Play this house, 

Tin Tin Out feat Sweet Tee

The feeling

Hysteric Ego

Want love

The Lisa Marie Experience

Do that to me

Beat System (double 12")

To a brighter day

Diana Brakin and Barzip K Sharpe

Eating me alive


Flaming June


Make the whole world

Kevin Saunderson

Feel the fire, House of love

Rosie Gains

After the fire


Let love shine, 


Trans client express, What comes around, Bits and Pieces

Lisa Marie experience

Keep on Jumping


Ras Kwame at 12 Oclock, Keyboard accapella


Out of my head

Industry Standard

What you want

Junior Vasquez

Get your hands off my man, 

Steve Blake


Kathy Brown 

Turn me out

The Shaker

Mooncat, Just lick it

Rodeo Jones

Natural world remixes

The Project Feat Gerideau

Bring it back to love

Sven Vath

Harlequin, The beauty and the beast

Arms of Solitude

Arms of solitude, fact of life

Ramos Supreme and Sunset Regime

I've got the music, Harmonize

Mighty Atom

love juice

Man Machine

Dr Chris Domingo

Cream, Rock the bass

Problem House

Take me there, Halleluja, Lift off, The party zone, Inscrutable, The boy is banging

David Morales with Lea Loren

How would you feel

Danny Camble

Look inside

Mars Plastic

Find the way

Power Circle

Aargon Danz (its so good)


Give her what she wants, Jungle rap, Trans form, Jungle Beats

Peter Hellers 

Big Love

Tracie Davies

We can make it

Hi Lux

Never felt this way

Alex Party

Rhyme time party, Saturday Night party, Sunday afternoon party

Carl Cox (white label)

Give me your love

David Morales

Needin U

Floor Jam



Move your body


Shadows fly on motorway


Shake it

Roger Sanchez

Computabank, ventura

Rosie Gains

Be Strong, Only wanna be in your arms, Heart like Stone

Finitribe 101


Carlene Davies

Dial my number



Deep Distraxion

Floorjam, S1000, Back 2 Front, Hook line and sinker

Praised Cats

Shined on me, The unabombers

Tin Tin Out 

Always something there to remind me



Purveyors of fine funk

They are among us, Intombe, Space is the place, This is a track

World series of life feat Claudine Nelson

I would give anything remixes

Paul Oackenfield presents Afrika Bambaata

Plante rock remixes



Oliver Lieb (double 12")



If I Survive


Don’t you want me Mixes

Inner city 

Big Fun, Do you love what you feel

The Future Sound of London

Papua New Guinee mixes

Love Decade (2 copies)

Dream on 

Kurtis Rush

Love is in the arir mixes

Barry White

Love is the icon Roger Sanchez mixes

CE CE Peniston

Keep giving me your love David Morales mixes

Inner City 

Good Life

Brothers in rhythm 

Such a good feeling mixes


Brain Damage, Just starting, Smoke out of the 303, E.B.Y tune


Elevation mixes


Facinating Rhthm

Break of Dawn Rhythm on the loose

Break of Dawn

DJH Stefy

Think about

Todd Terry

Something going on


I like it


Temple of Dreams, Your going insane

Kaleidescope, 280 West

Scattered dreams


Frequency, Demons, Take me back

White label

Café Del Mar, Feel the power, True love never dies

Golden Girls


Mr Fingers 

What about this love

Rhythm is Rhythm

The beginning, Salsa Life, Drama

Thursday Club

Beatbox Baby

C.J Bolland

There can only be one, Counterpoint, Starship Universe

Red Shift

Show Down, Tingler

D Angel 

Rolling Thunder



Toxic Two

Trancing together, Flash Back, Chemical Reaction

A Homeboy a Hippy and a Funki Dread

Revelations, Now is the future, Drop it, Were gonna rock this mutha fucker

Jack N Chill

The jack that house built, 

Man Machine

Animal, Shout



Night Crawlers 

Push the feeling


Sio Moshuns Tribal one, LudvupGreasy Ass, Spoonio Done Another One, Spoonios Original one

Les Negresses Vertes

Mambo Show

Rhythm Device

Acid Rock

Inner city 

Your love, Hiatus

The Knight Writers

Let the music use you, Hold on 2 Your Dreams, I need a man

A Guy Called Gerald

Hot Lemonade

White label

The Infinity Project



Edge Records 


Paul Simpson

Real Woman, Street Player

House of Naught


Junglist 2

Russian Roulette, Feeling, Feel so good, Jungilism Hardcore

Dave B & Danny G 

Somebody, Let the game begin

White label

Ez D Jupiter Jungle



Wharehouse Wax

Lethal Unik, Back to the future, Psikotic, Small Town Killer, Outrage, Outrage, Utopia

Mad Bastard

I am the future


Pick Whistle, Replay, Search and Destroy, Gamma Rain, PO2, Replay

Alex Goph


Trance 4 Mist

Your love, Hiatus

Sweet Exorcist

Test four, test five, test six


Death House


Pizza Acid, Placid, Miss Speedy

The Jam Machine



I'm standing higher


Feel it for you

Unique 3

The Theme, Weight for the bass




Elevation 2002

Space Cube

Sub Audible, Moody Morning

White label

Unique 3

Nuw Idol

Unite, Restore


Rock your baby, A Different man, Total state of konfusion

Dan Hartman

Instant Replay, Vertigo

Gino Latino


A Guy Called Gerald

FX, Eyes of Sorrow, Emotions electric 2

New Order

Blue Monday

A Guy Called Gerald

Voodoo Ray

Junior Boys Own

Underworld, Cow Girl, Rez


The Copper

Under movement cover


SR2 & Blaster

G Force

Young MC 

Principals Office


LFO Remix, Mentok 1, Quijard

The Source


Degrees of motion, 

Do you want it right now

4 Love

Hold your head up high


The feeling, The Flip

A Guy Called Gerald


Shut up and dance

Nicolette, Waking up, Dove Song, 

Mark NRG

Visions and Brain waves, Second annual report, Burning Phebes Street, Acid Uny Verze


Child 123

Chocolate Fudge


NRG, Viva City, I love teknology, Love and life


Room to move, Next step, Discotech

The Todd Terry Projerct

Weekend, Just wanna dance

Roni Size

Watching Windows,

Baby Ford


Caberet Voltaire

Easy Life


Alright, Volumina, Allround

Les Hommes De Lolmpe

Back Together, 

Sharon Dee Clarke

Something Special,

Rising High Collective


Josh One


Masters at work

Future Rage, Ritmo Da Rua, Only love can break your heart


Can I touch you there

Asha (white label)


White label


Man Machine

Remixes Shout, Animal


Pump me, Stress, Clap, Track with no name


The Xtra Trip, The Xtra Bass, The Xtra bit

Acid Jesus

Move my body


The groover


Percusion Overdose, Aint no triplet, Mihon, Mouthpad


Underworld theme, In unity, Suck Acid

House of Windsor


Mr Fingers 


White Label

White label?

Nightmares on Wax



Live in Manchester

ZYX Music

X Files

Bass Generator

Pushing is the clonk alright, Megablast, Tibetan Jam


Without Control

Channel X

Rave the Rhythm, Silicon Saphire, Groove to Move

Urban Hype 

The Feeling

Tall Paul

Rock Da House

Geneside 2

Waisteline, Firecracker

Loni Clarke

U mixes

New Life

Got 2 B Free mixes

Dina Carroll

Here mix, Special Kind Of Love mix, The perfect year mix

Josh Wink

Higher state of consciousness


Hells Party

Hyper Go Go 

Its Alright

Josh Abrahams

Funkacidic, Housesitting, Step into Paradise

Elite Force

The Body Electric, Whole 9 yards, No Turning back

Bomb the Bass

Keep giving me love, Moody