Sold Date: September 10, 2019
Start Date: August 29, 2019
Final Price: £695.00 (GBP)
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Genuine A-2/B-2 first pressing with vinyl which appears to have been rarely played and which sounds great.

Generally the vinyl looks superb with very few marks. There are a handful of tiny marks at the start of side one (including one very short feelable mark) and a cluster of light surface scuff-marks (entirely superficial and non-audible) on side two. But aside from this, there is very little to see on either side.

I've played the whole album and it sounds amazing: easily one of the best I've heard. Virtually the whole record play-grades as Near Mint (NM), with just one brief exception: the small mark at the start of side one causes ten clicks during the intro to 'Breathe'. But that was all there was on the whole album. The rest of it play-grades as Near Mint (NM) with no issues. I calculated that Dark Side of the Moon revolves approximately 1400 times from start to finish, so a click heard on 10 of those revolutions represents approximately 0.7% of the album. So my play-grading is that over 99% of this copy is Near Mint (with ten clicks audible in the intro to 'Breathe'), or alternatively: Side one play-grades as Excellent (Ex) and side two as Near Mint (NM). This is a strict play-grading, based on the fact that almost the whole album plays Near Mint, with just one exception.

The labels look great with no stickers, writing etc, and only a small number of spindle markings suggesting that the record wasn't played very much.

The original black inner sleeve has no seam splits or tears, just some minor signs of handling and normal signs of use.

The original black/blue tint ('midnight blue') cover looks great with no significant issues. It has some edge-wear and corner-wear, minor corner-creasing, mild ring-wear on the rear etc, but is generally a very nice example (please look at the photos).

The original posters have never been hung, so there are no pin holes, sellotape etc, and they both look great. Note that these are original, early posters: the paper is more cream-coloured than later copies, and the band poster is printed on matt paper (matt back with a sheen on the printed side).

The original stickers are unused, with just a mild corner crease to one of them (from getting trapped inside the fold of the gatefold cover) and some mild age-related discolouring and foxing spots. Note that these are the earliest type of stickers found with Dark Side of the Moon (with wavy lines separating the backing paper and just the word PERMANENT printed in pink), so guaranteed to be original.

This is an an exceptional, original example of an all-time classic album.

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Information about descriptions and gradings.
My items are always described accurately and fairly. I always do my best to point out any blemishes which might detract from the item and all photographs are of the actual item you will get. I am aware that different grading systems have different definitions and so I try as much as possible to describe items in plain English, rather than simply using gradings. Where gradings are given these are based on the UK RECORD COLLECTOR GRADING SYSTEM. This grading system differs from some other grading systems, in particular the Goldmine grading system. Please make sure that you are familiar with the UK record collector grading system before you bid.

Visually-graded vinyl vs play-graded vinyl: Many people collect vinyl and never play it, whereas other people collect records because they want to play them. A visual grading will identify physical flaws (such as scratches) and can help determine whether a record has been cared-for properly, but it will not identify noise or crackle caused by non-visible sources. Most vintage records are likely to have some background noise even if they look perfect. I believe that records are for playing and so I try to play-grade records whenever possible. I always state in the listing if I have played a record prior to listing it. If I have play-graded the record I will usually only give a brief description of how the record looks (i.e. not a visual grading). The grading in the listing will be a play-grading and may be slightly different from the grading that the record would receive from a purely visual inspection. Most vintage records are not 100% perfectly flat and so I will only mention this aspect if it is very significant or has an impact on the way the record sounds. If I haven't play-graded the record, it will be given a visual grading.

Play-grading MONO records: Mono records and stereo records have different grooves. A stereo record produces a stereo sound via both lateral and vertical groove modulation whereas a mono record is not intended to produce any sound from vertical modulation. Playing a mono record with a stereo cartridge will create distortion because it is trying to pick-up the vertical (stereo) part of the signal, whereas this is not intended to be heard on a mono record and so is just noise.  Using a pre-amp with a mono switch will eliminate the noise caused by vertical modulation leaving just the lateral groove signal which is how the record was intended to be heard. Based on the assumption that most people choosing to listen to a mono record will have the right equipment to listen to it, I play all mono records via a pre-amp with a mono switch.  My play-grading is based on how the record sounds when played through a mono switch. If you do not have a mono switch on your amp or pre-amp you will be reproducing the noise from the vertical part of the signal and so the record will not sound as good. This is not any fault of the record, it is inherent to playing any mono record through a system that it was not designed for.


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I care about the records I sell and believe that they need to be carefully and securely packaged to ensure that they survive their journey through the post. Vinyl is removed from the sleeve for posting and the contents will be protected with rigid cardboard stiffeners. Packages are labelled "Do not bend" and securely sealed with "FRAGILE" parcel tape.

I support the use of recycled materials and so I may sometimes use recycled packaging. If you wish your item to be sent in entirely new packaging please let me know before paying for it. Thanks.


P&P charges

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Sending items costs more than just the stamps on the package, but I try not to charge more for packing and posting your item than it actually costs me to do so. I need to cover the cost of packing materials, plastic sleeves, new inner sleeves (where applicable), transportation, fees and charges associated with sending the item (including fees incurred to receive the cost of postage and, where applicable, currency exchange) etc. To cover some of these expenses I add a nominal figure to the basic cost charged at the post office athough the actual cost to me is always higher than this. I do not view P&P costs as a means of making money.

To quote an exact cost for every LP is difficult because of the wide variance in weight (e.g. Abbey Road weighs around 230 grams whereas Led Zeppelin III weighs around 390 grams). But the majority of single LPs, when packed, will weigh around 550 grams and I have based my P&P rates on this.

Double LPs will be charged as two LPs, triple LPs will be charged as three LPs. Box sets etc will be charged according to weight.

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Airmail (tracked and/or signed) to any country OUTSIDE the UK


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First LP or 12" = £13.60, each additional LP or 12" add £2.20.

Rest of the world (anywhere outside Europe)

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Overseas orders valued over £80 will be insured for an additional £2.90.

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