Zolar X 1982 7" tespressing NEVER released "Mirrors" +2 US Cult New wave <<<

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Zolar X - Mirror´s / Science / Blues on Blue 1982 7" Testpressing NEVER released. Condition, "Mirror´s" has like 5 pops at the beginning(no skips etc) looks like a pressing fault, otherwise Vg+ strict grading. I´ve been in contact with the leading member and he wrote back;
"Well seeing it I can tell you that is my writing, those are real foggy days the memory 40 years and alcohol. Clem didn't have any thing to do with Jello or ATR. By the way Clem passed away over a decade ago of liver cancer... Ygarr/SDB Stephen Della Bosca my Earth name” "Clem Fischer and Peter Millar helped me put out the clear LP. So you sent the testpressing to Clem Fisher?  "No... We were probably together around Christmas of 1982 and he asked me to sign it for him...they used to deal speed (the drug) back then. The 7" was pressed for promotional purposes, but that all fell through. My vision was for the LP and the single to have labels and covers but they ran out of money.”
Ultimate rarity for all you Zolar X fanatics.

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