Fantomas - Wunderkammer Box Set Faith No More MR. BUNGLE RECORD STORE DAY RSD

Sold Date: September 13, 2021
Start Date: May 28, 2021
Final Price: $149.99 (USD)
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SEALED - new copy limited RSD version
Released in a "cabinet" with a printed wrap-around paper band. The cassette is packaged in a slipcase, which in turn is packaged in a larger, LP-sized box. Delirivm Cordia is presented in a gatefold sleeve while the other albums are in standard sleeves. All albums contain black inner sleeves and entirely new artwork. This was originally intended for release on November 28th, 2014 as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday, but was delayed due to production issues. The outer band still features a Record Store logo. 
Fantômas – Book 1 Sketches Cassette-A1Page 11:44 Cassette-A2Page 21:32 Cassette-A3Page 31:28 Cassette-A4Page 45:17 Cassette-A5Page 50:58 Cassette-A6Page 61:06 Cassette-A7Page 71:03 Cassette-A8Page 80:55 Cassette-A9Page 91:25 Cassette-A10Page 101:13 Cassette-A11Page 112:15 Cassette-A12Page 121:56 Cassette-A13Page 131:01 Cassette-A14Page 140:55 Cassette-A15Page 156:12 Cassette-A16Page 161:45 Cassette-A17Page 170:30 Cassette-A18Page 181:14 Cassette-B1Page 192:40 Cassette-B2Page 200:51 Cassette-B3Page 210:50 Cassette-B4Page 221:09 Cassette-B5Page 231:40 Cassette-B6Page 241:27 Cassette-B7Page 251:13 Cassette-B8Page 261:16 Cassette-B9Page 271:37 Cassette-B10Page 281:35 Cassette-B11Page 291:11 Cassette-B12Page 300:32 Fantômas LP-A1Page One LP-A2Page Two LP-A3Page Three LP-A4Page Four LP-A5Page Five LP-A6Page Six LP-A7Page Seven LP-A8Page Eight LP-A9Page Nine LP-A10Page Ten LP-A11Page Eleven LP-A12Page Twelve LP-A13Page Thirteen LP-A14Page Fourteen LP-A15Page Fifteen LP-B1Page Sixteen LP-B2Page Seventeen LP-B3Page Eighteen LP-B4Page Nineteen LP-B5Page Twenty LP-B6Page Twentyone LP-B7Page Twentytwo LP-B8Page Twentythree LP-B9Page Twentyfour LP-B10Page Twentyfive LP-B11Page Twentysix LP-B12Page Twentyseven LP-B13Page Twentyeight LP-B14Page Twentynine LP-B15Page Thirty The Directors Cut LP-C1The Godfather LP-C2Der Golem LP-C3Experiment In Terror LP-C4One Step Beyond LP-C5Night Of The Hunter (Remix) LP-C6Cape Fear LP-C7Rosemary's Baby LP-C8The Devil Rides Out (Remix) LP-C9Spider Baby LP-D1The Omen LP-D2Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer LP-D3Vendetta LP-D4Untitled LP-D5Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion LP-D6Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me LP-D7Charade Delirivm Cordia Delirivm Cordia LP-E1Untitled LP-F1Untitled LP-G1Untitled LP-H1Untitled Suspended Animation LP-I104/01/05 Friday LP-I204/02/05 Saturday LP-I304/03/05 Sunday LP-I404/04/05 Monday LP-I504/05/05 Tuesday LP-I604/06/05 Wednesday LP-I704/07/05 Thursday LP-I804/08/05 Friday LP-I904/09/05 Saturday LP-I1004/10/05 Sunday LP-I1104/11/05 Monday LP-I1204/12/05 Tuesday LP-I1304/13/05 Wednesday LP-I1404/14/05 Thursday LP-J104/15/05 Friday LP-J204/16/05 Saturday LP-J304/17/05 Sunday LP-J404/18/05 Monday LP-J504/19/05 Tuesday LP-J604/20/05 Wednesday LP-J704/21/05 Thursday LP-J804/22/05 Friday LP-J904/23/05 Saturday LP-J1004/24/05 Sunday LP-J1104/25/05 Monday LP-J1204/26/05 Tuesday LP-J1304/27/05 Wednesday LP-J1404/28/05 Thursday LP-J1504/29/05 Friday LP-J1604/30/05 Saturday