Depeche Mode - A Question Of Lust (Remix Edit) (Lp Version) PROMO 12" PRO-A-2504

Sold Date: February 10, 2022
Start Date: August 12, 2021
Final Price: $65.00 (USD)
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GRADE & DESCRIPTION (RECORD):  VG+ side 1 a couple faint non-feelers, side 2 EX
GRADE & DESCRIPTION (COVER): VG+ sticker upper right corner, very nice

Records are shipped in LP Mailers specifically designed for shipping records, with the record outside the jacket in an inner sleeve, to try and avoid damage to spine/seams, as well as Pad Inserts between the records. New sealed records are shipped still sealed, with pads on either side.
Records have been cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner prior to grading.  Grading is visually, unless otherwise mentioned on the specific item. 

                                                              Vinyl Grading Factory Sealed    -      Still in original sealed wrap Near Mint             -      No blemishes whatsoever, unplayed. I basically never grade this. Excellent              -      Nearly perfect, not quite Mint but would if only for the faintest sleeve scuffs that should have zero impact on playback. I really try to avoid this grade. It will look nearly new. Should not disappoint. Very Good+         -       This is a record I would be happy with in my own personal collection. Records in this grade will have light sleeve marks,a very few/if any, light scratches, nothing that is deep or that can be felt. Very minimal surface noise, nothing that takes away from the music. Usually only noticeable between tracks or quieter passages, if at all. Very Good           -       Records in this grade were well loved and well played but not abused. Will have more obvious marks, scratches. Will have some light surface noise, nothing to distracting or for too extended a period. Not perfect, but still a very good player copy. Very Good-          -       Records in this grade will have more marks, will have background noise/ticks/pops, but not completely distracting. A decent copy, but probably worth upgrading at some point. Good/Good+                   -       These records will definitely show wear and tear, occasional ticks/pops, possibly skips. Background noise will be evident, not a final copy to keep in the collection, but a decent place holder. 
                                                              Jacket Grading Near Mint - As high as I'll grade on a Jacket, it may be mint, may be close.  Should looks really nice, near new, relative to the age of the album.  Should show very minimal wear, nice corners, no seam/spine wear. VG+  Should look very nice, only faint seam/spine/ring wear, should look very nice. VG Should look good as well, but slightly more pronounced seam/spine/ring wear, and possibly some splits on the seams/spine.  Or light water damage. Fair/Good/Poor - These are all varying degrees of beat up.  Extensive splits, wear, water damage. 
I do not factor in stickers/writing on labels or jacket.  They should be visible on the photos of the albums. I do not grade inner sleeves either.  If you have a question whether the original is with the album, and it's condition, please ask. If you have any questions you can always reach out.

Shipping is $4.00 flat, regardless of quantity. Paypal is the method of payment accepted.  I usually ship within 24 to 48 hours of payment.
Free Return Shipping if you are not happy with my grading of a record.  I always try my best, but from time to time I may miss something, I will always try to make things right.  So please don't hesitate to reach out if you feel I wronged you.  I don't want anyone to be unsatisfied with their purchase.
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