Phoebe Bridgers - Copycat Killer SEALED Mountain Blast Variant, Colored Vinyl LP

Sold Date: January 18, 2022
Start Date: November 6, 2021
Final Price: $22.99 (USD)
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GRADE & DESCRIPTION (RECORD):  Sealed, mountain blast variant, presumed mint
GRADE & DESCRIPTION (COVER): Small amount of damage to top seam, approx 2" long, see photos

All Records individually listed for sale have been cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner and then rinsed with distilled water afterwards.    Grading is visually, unless otherwise mentioned on the specific item. I grade visually under a 2,300 lumen LED bulb, I see everything, I may miss something, but if it's there - then I should see it and try to grade accordingly. I ever miss the mark please let me know!
Grading break down, on a side note grading is obviously the most important, and hardest part of the hobby. It's also the most subjective.  I do use Goldmine Grading as a standard, but like everyone else, I deviate a bit. The gap from NM to VG+ seems miniscule, while the distance from VG+ to VG feels oceanic.  A VG+ record to me, like nearly all vinyl in existence will probably at some point present some form of surface noise. Whether that happens to be a bit of static build up, some particle of dust that just dropped from the curtains, or a faint sleeve scuff that crackles during the first revolution at the lead in, or for a brief quiet stretch.  I do not present VG+ records as pin drop silent, they may be on your setup when played, but I will never advertise that it will be. To me a VG+ record should be an absolutely rock solid piece of vinyl, NOT perfect, but darn near.  If you want Mint vinyl, buy brand new and hope that you dodge the dozens of landmines that current pressing plants have to offer, with quality control, non-fill, warpage, etc..  I buy used vinyl on eBay as well, and more often than not when I buy something NM/NM-/EX/Mint I'm left feeling dissatisfied after I've opened that package. I know a lot of buyers feel the same way. If you ever buy from me, and feel that way, please reach out - let me know about it, I never want someone left feeling disappointed with their purchase.  If I have a VG album and it's priced higher than most VG, or some VG+ (or my VG+ to there EX/NM) it's because I feel strongly about my grade and pricing that reflects it.  I feel pretty confident my VG+ is often times stricter than the majority of peoples EX/NM, based on the items I've purchased in the past. 
                                                              Vinyl Grading Mint (M)                       -  Still in original sealed shrink wrap. Period. Nothing opened is Mint. (no returns on sealed items, if opened) Near Mint                     -I do not grade anything NM or NM-, its been my experience that next to nearly no vinyl is ever truly NM, or NM sounding, even on brand new albums I myself purchase and clean prior to playing. It's so rare, I'm not going to bother anyone with that. Furthermore what plays perfectly on my system, may not on yours. So if you only buy albums graded NM, I'm sorry we can't work together. Excellent  (EX)            -      Nearly perfect, visually they may show absolutely no visible flaws. Not quite Mint but would if only for the faintest of sleeve scuffs that should have zero impact on playback. I really try to avoid this grade. It will look nearly new. Should not disappoint. Very Good+ (VG+)      -       This is a record I would be happy with in my own personal collection. Records in this grade will have light sleeve marks,avery few/if any - very light "hairline" scratches, certainly nothing that can be felt. Very minimal surface noise, nothing that takes away from the music. Usually only noticeable at the lead in or run out, between tracks or quieter passages, if at all.  Very Good    (VG)       -       Records in this grade were well loved and well played - but not abused. Will have more obvious marks, possibly some that can be felt, though typically will be noted on the description. Will have some light surface noise, nothing too distracting. Not a perfect record, but should still be a Very Good, enjoyable copy. Very Good- (VG-)        -       Records in this grade will have many more marks, scratches, will have background noise/ticks/pops, but not completely distracting. A decent copy at a decent price, but probably worth upgrading at some point when the opportunity presents itself. Good/Good+  (G/G+)  -      Let's be honest, Good in the world of vinyl is really not good at all.  These records will definitely show wear and tear, ticks and pops will be present, and quite possibly skips.  Not a final copy to keep in the collection, but perhaps a decent place holder. Typically only will sell on harder to find albums due to scarcity. Or for a cheap substitute. Not for the faint of heart.
                                                              Jacket Grading Near Mint - Again, no use here, I deal mostly in vintage vinyl, if you see a truly NM 60 jacket, take a photo and send it to, I'd love to see what that looks like. Excellent-Jacket shows really nicely, should have the very faintest signs of wear, be it on the corners, seams, spine.  Obviously no stickers, stains, splits, it should look awesome, like new or close to it. VG+                -Should look very nice, perhaps some faint seam/spine/ring/corner wear, sticker residue, writing.  It won't look perfect, but it should still look darn good. VG                -Should still look pretty nice as well, but will have slightly more pronounced seam/spine/ring wear, and possibly some splits on the seams/spine - which will be noted in the description.  Might have light water damage, which would be listed in the description. The is a jacket that shouldnt be an eye sore, but what looks like Mom or Dad used to enjoy listening to often, 30-60+ years ago. Fair/Good/Poor   - These are all varying degrees of beat up.  Extensive splits, wear, water damage, the damage thats been done to it though will be noted in the description. 
I typically do not factor in stickers/writing on labels or jacket, more often than not they should be visible on the pictures of the actual item for sale.  I do not grade inner sleeves either, if an original custom inner sleeve is present - I usually try to notate if it, and if it has splits or anything to not worthy, I'll try to mention it, but a small split here or there on an inner, or a creased corner, things like that.  If you have a question whether the original is with the album, and it's condition, please ask. If you have any questions you can always reach out.

Records are shipped in LP Mailers specifically designed for shipping records, with the record outside the jacket in a new plastic outer sleeve, and the vinyl in a new plastic inner sleeve, to try and avoid damage to spine/seams. Records are shipped with Pad Inserts between the records. New sealed records are shipped still sealed, with pads on either side.
Shipping is $4.00 flat, regardless of quantity, media mail (the snailiest of snail mail).  I usually ship within 24-48 hours, sometimes that same day.  Local post office is closed on Saturdays, so if you order Friday depending on the timing, or Sat-Sun they will ship on Monday.
Free Return Shipping if you are not happy with my grading of a record.  I always try my best, but from time to time I may miss something, I will always try to make things right.  So please don't hesitate to reach out if you feel I wronged you.  I'm here for the long haul, so you're satisfaction does a long way towards my happiness, please let me know good, bad, or otherwise, I'm always trying to improve.