Accused - Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told LP BLACK VINYL RECORD

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SEALED - new copy - brand new high quality gatefold repress BLACK VINYL

1Psychomania3:15 2The Bag Lady Song2:00 3Inherit The Earth3:12 4Deception (The Impostors)0:25 5Molly's X-Mas '723:16 6I'd Love To Change The World2:22 7You Only Die Once3:28 8Sick Boy1:10 9Chicago0:20 10Starved To Death2:52 11War = Death '881:55 12The Maddest Story Ever Told2:05 13Intro0:26 14Scared Of The Dark3:07 15Losing Your Mind2:38 16Smothered Her Trust3:38 17Lights Out0:55 18The Hearse1:10