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One 12" LP Album rpm vinyl record.  These records are 12" and play at 33 1/3 rpm.

All vinyl is ULTRASONICALLY CLEANED & PLAY-CHECKED.  All records grade either VG+ or NM-. 
Album covers are NOT graded.   Their condition varies considerably, please see photos.

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As part of a 7-step cleaning process this record was ultrasonically cleaned with Tergikleen, which contains the chemical of choice for cleaning records by the archive department of the U.S. Library of Congress.  Ultrasonic cleaning is highly praised by many audiophiles as the best way to properly clean a vinyl record.  While time-consuming, the process safely cleans deep into the grooves to remove years of contamination.  The end result allows for the optimal play-back sound from the record.  The record was play-checked and the grading is based on how the record played.

7- Step Vinyl Record Cleaning Process (no alcohol used)

1.  Clean record with a dry microfiber cloth to remove surface dust.
2.  Inspect for visual problem areas.  Soak and spot-clean problems areas, scrub with non-scratch
     brush and rinse with distilled water.
3.  Run through Spin-Clean record cleaning machine with velvet brushes (3 times clockwise, 3
     times counter-clockwise) in a solution of Groovinator Miracle Deep Cleaning Vinyl Record
     Potion (one of the top-rated cleaning solutions currently on the market).
4.  Rinse with distilled water (avoids leaving residue from cleaner on record).
5.  Run through Ultrasonic record machine for sixteen minutes using distilled water and
     Tergikleen (Tergitol is the same ingredient used by the U.S. Library of Congress to clean
6.  Dry with microfiber cloth.
7.  Allow to air dry before playing.

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