Lot Of 2,750 45s Vinyl Records

Sold Date: February 11, 2024
Start Date: February 4, 2024
Final Price: $1,292.01 (USD)
Seller Feedback: 3574
Buyer Feedback: 203

Lot of 2,725 45s vinyl records. Not all are shown.

So the time has come. After years of rummaging for records, am liquidating my massive collection. I have roughly 20 white boxes full of ones I want to get rid of. These in general are better than your normal common beat up ones. I do not wan’t to spend a lot of time on these so am going to start grabbing stacks of like 40 of them and listing them out in bulk. I would guess at least 60% is soul. There is also about 2,500 on here that were from a radio station. These ones are in general unplayed condition, near mint. They were in a storage so some may have slight warps or slight water residue but very slightly if at all. Nor do any have warps that look like would even affect playback. Just wanted to mention it.

Please see pictures for exact titles. I wouldn’t expect any monster gems in here but these are better than your average 45, lots of uncommon and cool ones. Ones that are VG or worse are prolly the older ones, 50s and 60s. Most of the promos are closer to VG+ to NM range. Lots of clean good stuff. Will be boxed in box specifically for shipping 45s in bulk.

Thanks for looking! Many, many more lots to come.

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