THE DAMNED - unique collection of 162 vinyl, many v. rare, incl Hot Rods erratum

Sold Date: March 19, 2017
Start Date: March 12, 2017
Final Price: £2,250.00 (GBP)
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In the summer, I am off to live/work in Abu Dhabi and so I am gutted to be selling my life-long collection of The Damned vinyl. I can't take it with me and I don't want to commit it to long-term storage. This is a unique one-off opportunity to buy a pretty much complete set of The Damned records, collected over 40 years, some of which I bought on release and some I have collected subsequently. All of them are in at least good condition, most are very good or excellent (80%), and some are mint or sealed and unplayed. Included are many rare variants, limited editions and a few bootlegs, all very collectible.
There are 80 12inch/10inch and 82 singles as listed below. 
I could have separated out some of the really rare records such as 'Damned Damned Damned' with the Hot Rods erratum in original shrink rap or 'Stretcher Case Baby' in mint condition or 'Dodgy Demo', original & bootleg - and probably made more lovely money - but I want to sell them as a complete set. So please only bid if you want to buy a unique complete set. I would hate to think I was selling to a dealer who was going to break them up after all this time.
And so the records, all made to be played loud at a low volume!
Damned Damned Damned rare and valuable, one of the original 2000 mispressed with Hot Rod, erratum sticker and still in the original shrink rap Damned Damned Damned French 1977 Stiff Music For Pleasure 1977 Stiff with illustrated inner sleeve Machine Gun Etiquette Chiswick 1979 with illustrated inner sleeve The Black Album Chiswick 1980 with 2 black inner sleeves The Best of The Damned Big Beat 1981 red vinyl Machine Gun Etiquette 1982 reissue in blue vinyl  The Black Album single LP reissue in black sleeve Strawberries first pressing with lyric sheet which still smells of strawberries! Strawberries second pressing Live at Shepperton 1980 second pressing Live at Newcastle limited edition of 5000 Live at Newcastle picture disc limited edition of 5000 Live at Shepperton 1985 reissue Phantasmagoria 1985 with inner sleeve Phantasmagoria limited edition white vinyl Phantasmagoria limited edition picture disc Damned But Not Forgotten 1986 compilation Damned Damned Damned/Music For Pleasure yellow vinyl limited to 4000 Strawberries reissue in red vinyl The Captain's Birthday Party/Live at the Roundhouse - blue vinyl, sealed Not the Captain's Birthday Party variant, sticker damage to front Strawberries limited edition picture disc Anything limited edition in gatefold sleeve with pop-up picture Damned Damned Damned 1987 reissue with new inner sleeve Damned Damned Damned picture disc Music For Pleasure 1987 reissue in orange vinyl, sealed in cellophane bag Interview LP limited edition picture disc Mindless Directionless Energy live at the Lyceum 1981 The Light at the End of the Tunnel 1987 double LP The Long Lost Weekend sealed in cellophane bag Final Damnation Final Damnation limited edition in green vinyl with free poster The Black Album reissued in gatefold sleeve for the first time in the UK The Collection 1990 double compilation Ballroom Blitz sealed in cellophane bag Grave Disorder limited pressing of 500 in light blue vinyl, sealed in bag I'm Alright Jack and the Bean Stalk sealed in cellophane bag The Official Fan Club Meeting 1981 bootleg live LP The Captain's Last Stand 1985 bootleg live LP The Legendary Curse of Lemora 1986 bootleg live from Southend Gravediggers 1986 bootleg live from Southend Birmingham '77 live LP Noise is For Heroes limited edition Number 92 of 300, sealed in bags The Black Album 1980 Chiswick Italian issue, first version in gatefold sleeve
12" & 10" singles
History of the World Part 1 12" single  Lively Arts 10" single White Rabbit 12" single, sleeve incorrectly states Seagulls is on the B-side There Ain't No Sanity Clause 12" single Thanks For the Night 2" single Grimly Fiendish limited edition 12" signed by all 4 band members  Grimly Fiendish limited edition white vinyl numbered 1665 The Shadow of Love 10" of hell mix The Shadow of Love 12" pressure mix Thanks for the Night limited edition of 1000, 12" in marbled vinyl Is It A Dream 12" single Damned Collection EP Lively Arts reissue on 12" Thanks for the Night 1000 limited edition, woman shaped disc & plinth Eloise limited edition of 2000 in blue vinyl Eloise 12" Eloise GRIMX4 limited edition of 2000 in different sleeve GRIMX4 black vinyl promo pressing with no track titles on disc New Rose limited edition white vinyl The Peel Sessions EP 12" Interview Picture Disc 12" Anything 12" Anything GRIMX5 limited edition 10" on yellow vinyl Gigolo limited edition in clear vinyl Alone Again Or 12" In Dulce Decorum 12" The Peel Sessions limited edition in gold metallic sleeve Fun Factory 12" Fun Factory limited edition of 2500 in blue vinyl  Looking At You 10" cellophane sealed
Associated Band Member LPs
Naz Nomad & the Nightmares Give Daddy the Knife Cindy (1984) - a The Damned line-up of Vanian, Scabies, Jugg & Merrick A Pretty Smart Way to Catch a Lobster Live at Alice in Wonderland by The Spooks aka Naz Nomad & the Nightmares The Return of the Living Dead featuring Dead Beat Dance, The Damned Women and Captain's First Captain Sensible A Slice of Captain Sensible double LP
7 inch Singles (all in original picture sleeves)
New Rose first pressing with pushout centre and normal graphics  New Rose solid centre Neat Neat Neat Stretcher Case Baby mint, limited edition of 5000 concert giveaway  Problem Child first pressing with pushout centre and gothic graphics  Don't Cry Wolf first pressing with pushout centre and normal graphics Don't Cry Wolf second pressing Don't Cry Wolf pink vinyl, German variant, 2 copies Dodgy Demo Love Song white label with sticker Love Song Captain Sensible sleeve, red vinyl Love Song Algy Ward sleeve, black vinyl Smash It Up I Just Can't be Happy Today History of the World Part I There Ain't No Sanity Clause The Damned Four Pack 4-pack singles collection in plastic wallet The Friday 13th EP Love Song Big Beat reissue, Dave Vanian sleeve, blue vinyl Love Song Big Beat Reissue, Rat Scabies sleeve, black vinyl Smash It Up Big Beat reissue, red vinyl Smash It Up Big Beat reissue, black vinyl Wait for the Blackout Wait for the Blackout label variant Wait for the Blackout limited edition picture disc Lovely Money Lovely Money limited edition picture disc Dozen Girls Lively Arts Generals White Rabbit Chiswick White Rabbit Big Beat reissue There Ain't No Sanity Clause (Re-mix) Lively Arts limited edition in green vinyl  Thanks for the Night  Thanks for the Night picture disc Thanks for the Night limited edition of 3000 in blue vinyl Grimly Fiendish gatefold signed by Rat Scabies (1 of 1000) Grimly Fiendish gatefold signed by Bryn Merritt (1 of 1000) Grimly Fiendish gatefold signed by Roman Jugg (1 of 1000) Grimly Fiendish standard sleeve  Grimly Fiendish picture disc The Shadow of Love limited edition double single pack The Shadow of Love single in gatefold sleeve The Shadow of Love single sleeve Is It A Dream An Interview with The Damned Part 1 limited edition picture disc (5000) An Interview with The Damned Part 2 limited edition picture disc (5000) Eloise silver label (2 copies) New Rose 10 year anniversary, white vinyl variant with sticker New Rose / I'm So Bored double single pack with white & black vinyl Interview at Goldiggers double picture disc pack Anything limited edition numbered sleeve, number 2768 Anything Gigolo limited edition poster sleeve and yellow vinyl Gigolo green vinyl Alone Again Or In Dulce Decorum Fun Factory
7" Imports, Bootlegs, rarities & associated acts
New Rose 2001 picture disc from Munster Records Machacalo (Smash It Up) Spanish release Stretcher Case Baby red vinyl reissue Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde / Looking at You 1980 USA release Shut It (Die Krupps Mix) Cleopatra records, USA, number 72/1000, sealed Ignite 5 track single from NDN Records, USA, live recording from 1994 Prokofiev 1991 Skinnies Cut, USA Play It At Your Little Sister 25th anniversary single pack, sealed Love Song ultra rare white label promo Idiot Box b/w You Know 1985 bootleg Cover Version Live EP 1987 bootleg Love Song/Burglar bootleg reissue of the Dodgy Demo single No Fun flexi disc, free with Sugar & Spite magazine You Must Be a Witch flexi disc, free with Sugar & Spite magazine  This is Your Captain Speaking EP Captain Sensible Happy Talk Captain Sensible  Wot Captain Sensible  Croydon Captain Sensible  Croydon limited edition picture disc Smash It Up Captain Sensible, cellophane sealed Wheels On Fire The Rat & The Whale (Rat Scabies) Johnny Remember Me The Phantom Chords (Dave Vanian) limited edition fold out pack number 1978 of 5000 Eloise Barry Ryan 1968
All information above is taken from the official The Damned complete discography 1993, which is a fascinating 92 page bible I will include with the sale.
I'm happy to answer any questions.