Pink Floyd WISH YOU WERE HERE White Label Test Press A1/ B1 (1G/1G) SHVL 814 EX+

Sold Date: July 10, 2019
Start Date: July 10, 2019
Final Price: £1,200.00 (GBP)
Bid Count: 1
Seller Feedback: 10353
Buyer Feedback: 1058
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Calling All Pink Floyd Collectors!!
One of the Rarest Pink Floyd Collectables on offer here
This really is one of the most sought after issues because there were so few presses. Legend has it that there were around 25 only, and given to the EMI reps to demonstrate to shop owners
The important information about this issue lies in the matrix numbers.  The first stock issue that was available to shoppers was A1/B3  There was nothing lower
There are also some test presses that have the same A1/B3 matrix numbers, but only a handful that have the genuine 1st issue A1/B1 numbers
THIS IS ONE OF THOSE MEGA-RARE A1/B1  TEST PRESSES In addition the vinyl also displays the very first and earliest ever Mothers and Stampers on both sides 1G / 1G
Take a look at the pictures which show all of the above numbers
The White labels are in outstanding condition, pure white still with just a small very light mark on the left side of the 'B' side The title of the album and the track listing is all correctly done in Blue Pen
The vinyl still displays a super glossy sheen to it, and in daylight looks to be near faultless, with just one light dull surface line visible on each side.  Under a spotlight there are some wispy hairlines, and a few light surface dull streaky lines.

There is no sleeve, just an inner sleeve with the title written on it. This is exactly how it was issued at the time
I have recorded the entire LP so that you are able to listen to the actual  album on offer
I am just blown away by the awesome clarity and loud production of this first ever press.  99% of this album plays to absolute perfection despite the few surface hairlines. Clear as a bell, with a massive stereo soundtrack
Only in some of the most silent passages will you hear a little static like background and a few tiny static tics
Between Shine on You Crazy Diamond and Welcome To The machine on side A, during the electronic sound section there are 3-4 rotations of crackle, and similarly on side B between the last two tracks there are 4-5 tiny little tics
What an outstanding offering for you Pink Floyd collectors For me this audio Grades around the EX+ area
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