Ken Kesey 1966 Grateful Dead THE ACID TEST Sound City 9009

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Start Date: March 7, 2021
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Here is a VG copy of an unusual 60's document. One out of the initial 1966 pressing of 500, which makes it scare and rare. Program material is audio recordings of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters including Ken Babbs and the Grateful Dead who supply some background music, during an instance of their infamous Acid Tests which took place under the influence of the dreaded lysergic, as George Harrison said. I purchased this at a place called 'House of Records' in San Francisco around 1970 and it's been in my possession since. I cannot know how many times it was played before it came to me, but I can tell you that I have certainly played it LESS than 5 times, maybe just 3 times. 
CONDITION: I am not a professional record grader. I will grade it as I see it based on decades of collecting phonograph records. THE JACKET: VG- is a compromise because the front is almost perfect, but the back has some issues such as my signature in ink and a rough area with discoloring. The spine is completely intact but does not have any printed information like most albums do. I'm not sure if the record came with an inner sleeve, (my guess is that it did not) but I have included a clean one because it's expected. THE DISCSide 1 is VG- It's at least that good if not better. Vinyl still retains most of it's original sheen and is clean. The minus represents one surface mar across track 5. It's not a scratch per se, just a noticeable rub. Beyond that, just some very very minor scratches here and there that are hardly visible. Side 2 is VG+ and also only suffers from the very very slightest couple of scratches that are only noticeable upon close examination. As I say, I've only played it a couple times and then only with high quality low weight tone arm. Matrix numbers and inscriptions appear on both sides in the area between the last track and the label. Side 1 says the following: "9009  The Acid Test side 1". Side 2 says the following: "9009-X  The Acid Test side 2"  Each matrix number is preceded by a small triangle. Disc Label is in excellent shape on both sides. Absolutely no writing, no stickers, no torn paper or even spindle marks (see pics). 
CAVEAT: This record and jacket were issued by a budget label, so to speak, and one should keep in mind that even when brand new the quality of this product was not on level with records issued by the major labels of the day. This is the real deal, and it's all about authenticity.