Icons Of Filth ‎– The Mortarhate Projects 2x LP Vinyl New Re (2015) Punk

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Title: Icons Of Filth ‎– The Mortarhate Projects
Track Listing:
A1Why So Limited0:50A2Mentally Murdered1:26A3They've Taken Everything1:36A4Fucked Up State2:42A5Present And History2:11A6Dividing Line2:31A7Now Were Getting Warmer0:48A8Sod The Children1:40B1Show Us You Care3:03B2Death Is The Only Release0:59B3Fool Britannia2:37B4One Second To Midnight2:02B5Midnight1:41B6Onward Christian Soldiers2:20B7Self Styled Superiority2:18B8Power For Power1:13C1Politricks1:45C2Your Military2:36C3No Fucking Choice1:15C4Cut The Crap2:48C5Enough Is Enough3:23C6Success On A Plate3:03C7Brain Death1:12D1Asking Too Much3:09D2Virus1:36D3Used, Abused, Unamused3:19D4A Measure Of Insecurity3:43D5Sunk Rock1:53D6Evil Speak2:25D7Vivisector3:02