Sol Seppy - I.A.A.Y.A Part One (Vinyl 2LP - 2020 - EU - Original)

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Start Date: January 26, 2023
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What Sophie Michalitsianos has created, using barely more than her voice, piano, and cello, is magical, defying labels. Originally released as a private-press CD for her fans, I.A.A.Y.A, or I Am As You Are, is sublime, intimate, weightless, and comforting. The album takes its time yet feels urgent, like you need this music, this moment. This is the first time it's been available on vinyl. If the name Sol Seppy sounds familiar, it's because Michalitsianos had one groundbreaking album in 2006, The Bells of 1 2, which for those that heard it became one of the most important albums of the 00s. From it came the track Enter One, which has been used on numerous high-profile TV shows and has a silly number of views on YouTube. Most of I.A.A.Y.A was recorded and mixed in Knoxville, United States. Now, though, Michalitsianos lives in a small Greek village, hoping to make it her home while she works on the next two records. Yes, this is just the first part of a trilogy. In Sophie's own words: "Deep within these songs is a meeting place. It's an old home of everyone's and I hope for it to be an anchor whilst we bob up and down in chop." This is rare, this is real, this is true.


A1 Mark
A2 Said Cat To A Phoenix
B1 Music
B2 Part Of
C1 Meeting Is
C2 T's Prayer
D1 Live In Me
D2 Mercy
D3 Into View