Jade Warrior Last Autumn's Dream Vertigo Spiral UK 1st SUPERB EX++/NM VINYL

Sold Date: December 5, 2018
Start Date: August 12, 2018
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I am sure some of you will remember back to 2008/2009 when I sold off part of my extensive collection for charity – Cancer Research UK and Hope House Hospice.


I am now selling a further part of my extensive collection so please save me as a favourite seller again.


I have been collecting vinyl for nearly 50 years and have an extensive collection which I am again reducing. At the height of my collecting I had well in excess of 50Led Zeppelin red/plum vinyls.


My feedback is not all recent and so to provide buyers with confidence in my grading, quality of vinyl and packaging, here is an extract of my vinyl sales feedback from 2008/2009; buyers can also now look at my current growing feedback which is as strong:


Superb album! Superb Sound! Great Dealer! A++++++++++++++++++++

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LED ZEPPELIN I PLUM UK 1st PRESS NM+++ TOTALLY SUPERB (#250417590347) £200.00


Awesome LP thanks!!   

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Item is even better than described.Outstanding seller++++++++          

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Amazing Item. Amazing Packaging. Amazing Dealer.     

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Excellent item Top Ebayer A+++++        

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Thank you for this beautiful gem.           

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JEFF BECK TRUTH SX 6293 MONO BLUE/BLACK COLUMBIA UK1st (#250304953117) £65.00


Everything perfect as usual, best vinyl I've ever seen! Thanks a lot.       

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Looks like it left the shop yesterday another top item from this seller AAAA++++          

Member ID: Feedback score of 994  



Prompt delivery. Perfect package.Record is like NEW! after 37 years! Thank You!          

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Another wonderful item from this exceptional seller! Highly recommended! Thanks! 

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LED ZEPPELIN HOUSES OF THE HOLY UK 1st A2 +OBI NM VINYL (#250256308613) £139.00


Buy with total confidence!! Superb packing and accurate descriptions. Thank you          

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This listing

This LP should be acceptable to most collectors; I am not as articulate as a number of eBay sellers on the background, supposed rarity, etc and so will just give you the facts as you know what you’re looking for as otherwise you would not have clicked on this listing.

Jade Warrior - Last Autumn’s Dream


UK 1st press on Vertigo Spiral label with EX++/NM vinyl - simply stunning.


Small Vertigo Spiral label (there were no large Vertigo Spiral labels issued), Just a couple of light spindle traces which reconfirms the vinyl condition which is EX++/NM.


Catalogue No: 6360 079


Released in 1972


Matt gatefold outer cover with stunning artwork by Kunio Hagio with unknown printer and catalogue number 6360 079 DELUX on rear cover top right. The cover is stunningly beautiful but it has 2 flaws which stop this being EX+/EX++ or even NM. This cover was highly prone to wear and rubbing but this has virtually none.

Please read all the description text relating to the cover condition before proceeding to buy it now or make an offer. I am happy to provide as many additional photos as the potential purchaser may reasonably want. Remember I offer a fully paid for return service if it is not as I have described.


I suspect that either when the cover was being assembled that a patch of glue was deposited on the front cover just below the text and alongside the closed gatefold side which caused a rough patch when it dried or there was a price sticker removed which I must say if it was has been blended in superbly well but to me it is the former as the underlying cover looks undisturbed under the rough patch and if it was a sticker tear it would be obvious. If you look at the front cover face-on this flaw is not obvious and is really only seen when the cover is angled to the light; if the cover was in a frame it would not be obvious that there was a flaw.


Now turning to the second flaw, this is on the inside gatefold an amounts what I think again was some light glue residue when assembling the 2 parts of the gatefold cover which lightly bonded the 2 sides of the gatefold together for a period and when opened caused some black ink from the lower photos on the right hand inner gatefold to be deposited on the left hand side inner gatefold by and on the lyrics for Morning Hymn - please see my close up photos for these flaws.


Now clearly these 2 flaws will downgrade the cover and the whole package of this highly valuable album as a result. I do not believe the 2 flaws are that significant when put in the context of the cover as a whole and in the context of the rarity of this LP. It is difficult to grade such a high value cover as it lacks the usual creasing and wear other than the 2 flaws. I am going to say it graded EX+/EX++ for the remainder and let the potential purchaser judge to what extent the 2 flaws reduce this grading. I am happy to provide as many photos as any potential buyer may want to satisfy themselves as to condition. Clearly it would be easier for the potential buyer to physically see the cover but with buyers spread right cross the world this may not be feasible for most. My recent feedback on a description of Pink Floyd The Wall, which I described as NM, and was said to be "better than described" TOP! by the buyer who paid £310 for it should assist buyers in assessing my grading and fairness when describing a vinyl/cover as I see it.


Stunning UK 1st press vinyl which is jet black and glossy, it is in EX++/NM condition. I doubt you will ever find a better vinyl.


If you can live with the cover flaws as I did when I bought it (and as I could now as a serious collector, I am only selling in order to slim down my extensive collection of vinyl that I do not listen to) then this is an opportunity to acquire a superb vinyl copy of this extremely hard to find album.


Mastered and lacquer cut at Phonodisc Ltd by Richard Dodd, he is also known for his work with Tom Petty, George Harrison, Robert Plant and the Traveling Wilburys.


Matrix No: Side 1: 6360 079 1Y//4420 1 1 5 with Side 2: 6360 079 2Y//4420 1 1 3



A1       A Winter's Tale

A2       Snake

A3       Dark River  

A4       Joanne         

A5       Obedience

B1       Morning Hymn

B2       May Queen            

B3       The Demon Trucker         

B4       Lady Of The Lake  

B5       Borne On The Solar Wind


Detailed listing description


Artist or Band

Jade Warrior

Album title

Last Autumn’s Dream


Small Vertigo Spiral label (there were no large Vertigo Spiral labels issued), Just a couple of light spindle traces which reconfirms the vinyl condition which is EX++/NM.

Record size and speed

12” and 33 1/3

Catalogue No:


Recording format e.g. Mono/Stereo




Original Year of Release


Matrix numbers

Matrix No: Side 1: 6360 079 1Y//4420 1 1 5 with Side 2: 6360 079 2Y//4420 1 1 3

Cover Grade, Maker and Format

Matt gatefold outer cover with stunning artwork by Kunio Hagio with unknown printer. The cover is stunningly beautiful but it has 2 flaws which stop this being EX+/EX++ or even NM. Please see main text for the 2 flaws which will obviously reduce this grading.

Outer Cover

Front cover – has the flaw mentioned in the main text above, the rough patch is 3cm x 1cm adjacent to the cover edge. Other than this flaw the cover is in stunning and absolutely flawless condition.

Back cover – this is stunning and in absolutely flawless condition.

Inner cover (if gatefold)

This is in stunning and absolutely flawless condition other than the flaw mentioned in the main text above.

Cover edges

Very light intermittent wear to top which is a little heavier on the bottom edge as you would expect from storage.

Spine and text

The spine has NO rubbing and the text is fully readable on the spine.


Extremely light tipping to corners with absolutely minimal wear.

Original inner sleeve

Original poly-lined inner Vertigo Swirl supplied which has the usual “browning” discoluration near to the top edge caused by the dried glue from the poly-lined inner joint inside and some general creasing. Graded VG/VG+ New inner supplied with plain white cardboard outer.


condition and grading

The jet black vinyl is in near mint condition; all opened vinyl has sleeve withdrawal wispy lines and this is fully expected. Graded EX++/NM

Sound quality

This vinyl has had some amount of careful playtime as I am sure as know it was bought for that purpose but playback on this is great.

Track listing

See photographs of labels and above

Extras included

Original Vertigo Swirl poly-lined inner

Points of interest


Some listing description terms and my interpretation - which may help you

Surface Marks = Superficial, usually light marks, hairlines or light scuffs that-rarely sound. These often occur when sliding vinyl in and out of a paper or cardboard inner sleeve.


Scratch = a needle mark that goes below the surface, some will sound, some will not. Any clicks etc caused by scratches will be noted in listing description.


Original= a record that has been pressed with the first label design which does not necessarily mean the very first batch pressed. An example is Led Zeppelin IV red/plum label which had numerous label variations in its “original” format. It is up to the buyer to satisfy themselves as to original or re-issue and which variation of original label it is; I will state what I believe to be true.


First Pressing = A record that I believe or know to be a genuine first pressed record.I do not claim to be a leading authority, and that’s why I state the stamper and matrix numbers if at all possible, for those who claim to fully understand all the variants and different pressing plants used; the information is therefor the potential bidder to decide. I understand that some records were pressed in batches of 300 per stamper, different pressing plants were often used to cope with demand and so variances do occur.


Surface Sound = Mild, light sound, usually light crackle or similar often caused by dust particles or worn stylus within the grooves.


Foxing= Discolouration often light brown spots on the label or cover.


Feathering= Fraying or softening of the entry edge of a cover. Covers with feathered entrance edges are more likely to have had the actual record inserted and removed more than a non-feathered, sharp-edged cover which are always far more attractive. Since the LP has been in my possession the vinyl has always been kept separately from the outer cover to mitigate this.


Ringwear= vinyl impression on the inner and/or outer cover.Since the LP has been in my possession the vinyl has always been kept separately from the inner/outer cover to mitigate this.


Spindle traces or spiders = these are seen on the label with darker coloured labels such as Creation or Track being the most prone to this. Numerous spindle traces could suggest poor handling when placing on turntable.


Original inner sleeve = supplied with the record and clearly identified as such e.g. record released in April 1970 with a 0470 inner sleeve,  108 for October 1968 or company sleeve such as Decca. I will state in the listing description if the original inner sleeve is present and will only include one if it was part of the original packaging.


Important information - please read before bidding/buying


General condition of vinyl and cover

I try, to the best of my ability, to describe as accurately and as honesty as I can all items I offer for sale with all the relevant information I can think of to help any potential bidder and collector (as I am myself with over 50 Led Zeppelin red/plum copies). I will mention any defects or flaws no matter how small that I notice to be fair as possible to any interested collector.



You can assume that there are no warps on the vinyl I sell; whilst no record sits perfectly flat on a turntable you can assume there will be no discernible or-material warping. You can also assume no vinyl will stick or jump.


The labels will be graffiti and sticker free and not torn, you can expect spindle spider tracing on the labels, some such as Creation blue labels are more prone to this, as are Track black labels. I will point out any significant issues in the listing. Any promo sticker on the label will be an original and therefore ignored for the purposes this paragraph.


The vinyl I will be selling is 40/50 years old and will have been played to some extent. Despite what you may see described elsewhere I do not believe you can tell how many times a vinyl has been played and so you have to assume it will have been played often as it was bought for that purpose.


Vinyl will have some background or surface noise, as the BBC DJ John Peel famously said "Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don't have any surface noise. I said, 'Listen, mate, life has surface noise." I deep clean all vinyl on a professional Project II vacuum type record cleaning machine with Project proprietary cleaner to make the vinyl the best it can be,as the audio performance will deteriorate by exposure over time and will obviously be returned closer to the original sound by using this method. Many I offer for sale have had little use although there can be dust in the grooves,even when almost new; this is the original authentic sound John Peel recognised and even cleaning with a machine may still leave some background surface noise.I am aware that cleaning can be a controversial subject with vinyl collectors,audio purists and enthusiasts so I use Project proprietary solution which should satisfy most collectors.


In my experience there is always an element of surface or background sound with audio reproduction on vinyl, even when new. Almost all used vinyl has at least light surface marks which are always visible when viewed under a bright light and occur predominately when paper inner sleeves or cardboard picture sleeves (such as Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti) are present - So if you are uncomfortable with a bit of light crackling it’s probably best not to buy vinyl as John Peel would say. In my opinion the light surface sound is more than compensated for by the clarity and ‘reality’ of the overall sound reproduction.


I will not photograph the runoff dead wax to show matrix numbers as these will be clearly stated in the listing description along with stampers and inscriptions such as the cutting work of the legendary George Peckham on Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple LPs – Porky/Pecko etc.


When I mention age in my listings it is not an excuse for poor condition but as matter of fact. I do not regard condition as age related, it is primarily dependent on care over its life, and if you ever see an LP described as ‘good for its age’ I recommend you avoid it because more often than not it’s an excuse for something that has not been carefully used.


I do not provide a full track listing as buyers are generally aware of the LP they are looking for and what tracks are on the LP. If any buyer wants a track listing I will supply it, an alternative is to search via Discogs. The photographs will show the label for each side of the vinyl which should enable buyers to see the tracks included.


Whilst I have owned the LP the vinyl has been stored separately from the outer cover as detailed in the final photograph in the listing, which details part of my extensive collection. I store the vinyl in new poly-lined inner sleeves and then they are placed in white cardboard outer sleeves; your purchases will be sent to you in this format, see listing photographs



If the vinyl I will be selling is 40/50 years old then the covers will have been stored for that length of time either in plastic outer covers or not, none are vault sealed copies. The covers may well have moved home several times with the original and subsequent owners.


You can assume there will be no writing or graffiti on the covers unless I mention it,any sticker removal marks will be mentioned in the listing.


Whilst I have owned the LP the vinyl has been stored separately from the outer cover as detailed in the final photograph of the listing, which details part-of my extensive collection.


My covers are stored in re-sealable poly bags to mitigate ringwear, your purchases will be sent to you in this format, see listing photograph.


I will send any original inner sleeve with the LP on the basis that it is not a generic paper sleeve bought later. I will state in the listing if there is an original inner sleeve included. Expect ringwear and creases with any original innersleeve.



I have described this record strictly according to The Record Collector RRPG grading system with my own interpretation included for near mint (NM) LPs, so there will be no nasty surprises for the winning bidder or buyer. This LP has been carefully graded as it is not in my interests to over grade; see my feedback which bears testimony to my approach to grading and buyers viewpoint on it.


Mint (M) the-record itself is in brand new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. The cover and any extra items such as the lyric sheet, booklet or poster are in perfect condition. Records advertised as sealed or unplayed should be mint. I will not sell any LPs with this grade as I cannot guarantee that they have never been played.


Near Mint (NM) the record shows some signs of having been played, but there is virtually no lessening in sound quality. The cover and packaging might have minimal wear and/or creasing. Some cover designs (such as the original Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers with zip covers) caused damage to other LPs when stacked in record shops and so once handled even unsealed unplayed mint records and-covers can have wear. I have used this grading in my previous listings even with the NM+ grade and buyers were more than happy with my grading.


Excellent (EX) the record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality. The cover and packaging might have slight wear and/or creasing.


Very good (VG) the record has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on the cover or extra items,without any major defects, is acceptable.


Good (G) the record has been played so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion and mild scratches. The cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, discolouration,etc.


I will not list LPs that are in Fair or Poor condition irrespective of rarity.


The use of plus(+) or minus (-)allows for items that fall between the above grades.



Please note that I am not a professional photographer and in some of the photographs in my listings you may see slight shadowing or darker patches and colour inconsistencies together with reflections in the runoff deadwax, this is due to my inability with a camera and not due to deficiencies in the vinyl/cover.


I do not-use photographs to enhance albums; they are included as an aid to bidders and I try to highlight any flaws or blemishes – not to bleach out, obscure or avoid them as it will not miraculously transform into a mint vinyl and cover in transit when was not in the first place.


All photographs contained within this listing show the actual item (s) offered-they are not catalogue, archive or library photographs. I try to use images in the listing to provide the potential bidder the best opportunity to evaluate the item(s); however it is possible that in some circumstances the photographs can enhance the appearance of the item(s) due to compression so please take this into account before bidding and do not hesitate to ask for more images or information which I am happy to send by attachment via eBay message system.


My photo galleries always feature photos taken from as many angles as reasonably possible, with ‘zoom’ and ‘enlarge’ facilities, because I want potential bidders to have the best opportunity to examine visual condition. I always request the maximum photo facility from the eBay system but I have noticed that on some occasions, presumably due to technical glitches, the ‘zoom’ and‘enlarge’ does not work. If you ever have any difficulty obtaining satisfactory images from my listings please contact me via eBay message attached to the listing and I will send you more photographs as an attachment in my reply.


I have provided the photographs to enable potential bidders to have the best opportunity to make their evaluation before entering the bidding process, please just click on the ‘Zoom or Enlarge’ and arrows to use this facility. Sometimes due to reflection these images can appear slightly distorted, ‘graining’ can appear and dust particles can be exaggerated by the light - in reality there are no defects of this kind unless clearly stated in the listing description.


Packing of vinyl

I send out in pizza box style packaging with a minimum of 2 cardboard stiffeners and bubblewrap. I have sent out vinyl across the world without any reports of defects in packaging, my feedback bears testimony to how I pack my vinyl. I DO NOT use mailing envelopes even for lower value vinyl as they are not fit for purpose.


I do use a 2 pizza box packing method when postage cost permits this – this will be all international sales and those sent by UK Special Delivery, don’t worry all Signed For packages in the UK are sent in 1 pizza box but I’ve never had any reports of problems; I use plastic corner stiffeners on all boxes for added protection which I developed as corners do take the strain in transit.


All vinyl, irrespective of value, is sent in a new poly lined inner. This is then placed in a white cardboard sleeve for transit.


All vinyl-housed in the poly-lined sleeve is not sent in the original outer cover to prevent “knifing” of the outer cover in transit. The white cardboard sleeve will help protect the vinyl in transit.


I will pack specifically to buyer’s requirements if advised prior to shipping, if I cannot do so for whatever reason then I will notify buyer who then has the option to withdraw from the transaction. 



In order to comply with eBay rules the buyer must receive the item purchased and so the buyer will be responsible to pay appropriate fully insured and signed for postage as follows:


1 LP - UK£4.85 - £1.15 per extra record within same package, insured up to £20.00


1 LP Special Delivery with Standard £500 insurance [Signed For, Next Day] = £8.60 -£1.15 per extra record within same package.


1 LP -Europe (including Russia) Small Packet ‘Signed For’ with Standard Royal Mail Insurance [£50 maximum] = £12.50 (enhanced Royal Mail insurance is an extra £3 if required based upon final sales value) -£2.25 per extra record within same package.


1 LP - Rest of World (including ALL parts of the USA) Small Packet ‘Signed For’ with Standard Royal Mail Insurance [£50 maximum] = £16.50(£17.50 for double LPs).(enhanced Royal Mail insurance is an extra £3 if required based upon final sales value) -£3.15 per extra record within same package.


All international sales sent via Airmail


All UK destination packages will be signed for if the final sales value exceeds £20.All international sales will be signed for irrespective of value.


All sales will be fully insured to protect buyer and seller.


I aim to post the day after payment is received if possible, sometimes on the day payment is received.


Posting to Russia: Yes, I do post to Russia; I have sent numerous packages there without any problems. Delivery can take 4 to 6 weeks from the UK, please be patient and it will arrive, don’t forget it is insured just in case it is lost in transit.I will submit a tracking number to the winning bidder, and when the packet arrives there it can be followed online using the Russian postal website.


Posting to Italy: Yes I do post to Italy, I have previously had bad experiences with the Italian postal service and so all packages will be signed for without exception, as is the case with all international sales.


I am happy to combine listings won to save on postage costs, please let me know if you want to defer payment until you have finished buying. I expect all purchases to be paid for within 14 days of the original purchase.


Proof of shipping is retained for all postings and I will provide tracking numbers,where applicable. I will notify the buyer via eBay system when the item has been shipped.


I use quality packing materials, the cost of which is not fully recovered in the postage cost paid by the buyer, please bear this in mind.


The buyer is responsible for all import taxes/duties and other related charges into their own country as applicable. If the LP is returned due to failure of the buyer to pay the appropriate import taxes/duties and other related charges then if the LP is to be re-posted a further postage charge will be made which the buyer must pay before it is re-posted.


Payment for purchases

I only accept PayPal in £ Sterling (GBP). I do not accept PayPal Echeques.


Please wait for an invoice before paying as this may need to be adjusted to reflect fully insured postage based upon the final sales value.


Late payers, non-payers and ‘0’ feedback bidders or if the bidder’s feedback is of such limited quantity that it cannot be regarded as reliable and/or bidders feedback is of dubious quality and/or gives the me any indication or reason to doubt the credibility of the bid they will be blocked or bids cancelled at my discretion, “0” or negative feedback bidders should contact me via eBay message system before bidding if they want to bid on any of my listings.


If payment is not received within the expected 14 days of the original purchase I will issue a non-paying bidder alert and if payment is not received, at my discretion thereafter, I will re-list the item.


Returns Policy

If any winning bidder is not satisfied with their purchase I will offer a complete refund. I will not refund if any defect detail is clearly stated in the listing description and subsequently missed by the buyer, so read the item description carefully. If any potential buyer does not understand anything in my listing,please use eBay message system and ask me to help.


Although it's extremely rare, there can be a difference between my descriptions, and opinions, and an individual buyer’s expectations so I have clearly stated Returns Policy for added reassurance which is detailed here and in all my listings. In the unlikely event that you want to use this facility please contact me to agree the procedure. There really will never be a reason to have any problem with an item you purchase from me. Before bidding please read the listing carefully as it is there to inform bidders and prevent any misunderstandings.


All of the comment contained in this listing is subjective, it is based on my personal opinion and your expectations may not necessarily correspond with my views. If you receive an LP from me and you have some differences please remember to use reasonable communication as a first option rather than leave negative feedback.I ask for an opportunity to put things right, which I think is a reasonable approach and one that I have used throughout my life.


I do not consider partial refunds to be an adequate method of dealing with any problems that may arise and will not be held to ransom by unscrupulous buyers under threat of negative feedback that seek to do so. I provide a full refund returns offering as stated below when it’s my fault.


If it’s my fault and I have made a genuine mistake when compiling the listing then I offer a return on a fully refunded basis i.e. to include return postage. On my previous sales this has only happened once with a buyer who had purchased a number of LPs and I ask that this generous offer is not abused or it may be withdrawn.


The buyer will need to ensure that the returned LP is in the same condition and the actual one sent to them together with all other items detailed in the listing.The buyer will need to ensure that they take steps to protect themselves for loss in transit with adequate packaging as this is beyond my control.



I leave-feedback for buyers after they inform me that they have received the item(s)and have left me their feedback. As I have a clearly stated Returns Policy,which does not expose the buyer to any direct loss whatsoever, I see no reason for either side to indulge in negative feedback. Providing the buyer does not engage in threats, abuse or use of negative feedback I will resolve any problem in a fair and reasonable way. If you have a problem or complaint about any transaction you have made with me contact me via eBay message system and we will find a solution that is mutually acceptable.


Thanks for your interest