LP l MFSL 1-092 l Jethro Tull l Broadsword and the Beast

Sold Date: May 14, 2019
Start Date: March 31, 2019
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MFSL  ∙  Jethro Tull  ∙  Broadsword and the Beast  ∙  MFSL Factory Sealed  ∙  MFSL 1-092

Broadsword and the Beast

You will not find a copy in better condition! This copy was acquired from a distributor’s inventory from a master pack. It was hand picked for the best possible condition; and it looks like it today! Since then, it has been in my possession and carefully taken care of these past twenty years. This is in remarkable condition without any issues encountered from copies that have been in retail inventory. This is an outstanding copy!

Certainly this is certainly one of the best you will ever come across. Since I acquired it directly from a MFSL distributor, it has not been handled much through the years, and is in the best possible condition. It is pristine and looks so in every detail, and the printing on the edge is perfectly aligned as well. And, it is one of the early production, as I purchased it directly from the distributor as it was released and held for me for my Complete MFSL Collection that I was building along with my purchases for personal enjoyment.
If you are looking for one of the best possible copies available, then look no further.

•    MFSL Factory Sealed Copy

•    Collector’s Quality l This title is definitely without any issues. The most discerning and demanding should not have any reservations.
•    Protective Wrap l The wrap is excellent. It is the later perforated wrap. There is no fog or other issues whatsoever. Excellent condition!
•    Album Cover l This cover is in excellent condition; truly collector’s condition!
•    Printing on the Edge l Excellent readability in storage. It is both well centered and well aligned. It's about as good as it gets!
•    Original Owner l Yes; almost thirty years now.

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