Jeffery Liberman no. 1545 Vinyl LP Librah Original Private Chicago Label

Sold Date: July 31, 2020
Start Date: July 11, 2020
Final Price: $284.00 (USD)
Seller Feedback: 438
Buyer Feedback: 2056

I see 4 very light, very fine short scratches on side A all about an inch long, and hard to find even when you know where they are. 2 of side "A"s 4 fine scratches are at 9 o`clock and 1 is at 2 o`clock and 1 is at 3 o`clock I count 2 light "ticks" at beginning on first song, 1 light "tick" near beginning of second song and 1 light "tick" near the end, 3rd song has a light "tick" near beginning and a medium "pop" in there as well, 4th song has about 5 light "ticks" and 1 medium "pop". Side A has a few irregular spots that are not as glossy and a few wider less glossy stripes that may be paper marks? I saw that phrase " paper marks" on somebody else`s listing once. Side B has 1 super light scratch from 7 o`clock to about 9 o`clock maybe 3 or 4" long, and only 2 light "ticks" can be heard in songs on the whole side B (No "pops" can be heard on side B) Side B has several irregular spots that are not as glossy as well Between songs are mostly dead silence or at most a light "tick" or 2 can be heard on both sides between songs Cover or jacket has no spline damage, only a little wear at the corners ( I showed the bottom and end splines in the photos)
I will ship Priority Mail so there is some insurance on the shipment