Riot Breaks 7" Scratch Record (Pony Records)

Sold Date: October 10, 2021
Start Date: April 10, 2021
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Riot Breaks 7" Scratch Record (Pony Records)
The 7” Riot Breaks scratch record comes from Pony Records, a Montreal based label that is intertwined with Mediapile Records which released the DJ battle tools Mediapile Skratch Library Vol 1 & Vol 2.
Riot Breaks is a gritty scratch vinyl tool properly from the underground, with a focus on revolutionary politics. The covers are hand-drawn and hand-printed, maximally do-it-yourself-dope through and through.
This 7” is PACKED with wicked samples and comedy... 200+ samples in total, multiple beat sections, 4 skip proof sentences... the classic jungle beats section is a definite highlight with all sorts of excellent juggles and beats that can be cobbled together using them. You can throw the needle on any part of this record and there will be something there for you to add a comedic, anarchic, or purely chaotic element to your set!
Riot Breaks... Just what are they protesting? Side A:Scratch samples / Breaks / Skipless loops Side B:Scratch samples / Breaks / Skipless loops