Sold Date: July 20, 2021
Start Date: July 19, 2021
Final Price: $680.00 (USD)
Bid Count: 1
Seller Feedback: 870
Buyer Feedback: 229

This listing is for thirty-four (34) records from my personal collection which I will slowly be selling over time. They are all new/never played. The jackets/sleeves/vinyls should be in MINT/NEAR MINT+ condition unless otherwise noted. I have priced them all at $20 each with $20 shipping to start the bidding since that seems fair as some are more valuable then others. You will receive the following:

• Departure Chandelier - The Black Crest Of Death, The Gold Wreath Of War (Smoke Vinyl, NWN! Prod. Ltd. 100 Copies).

• Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon (Black Vinyl, KVLT Prod. Ltd. Undisclosed)

• Goatvulva - Self-Tirled (Pink Vinyl, Werewolf Records, Ltd. Undisclosed)

• Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder (Orange Vinyl, Peaceville Records Ltd. Undisclosed) Fenriz Version

• Darkthrone - Old Star 3x7” Box Sealed (3x7” Set Black/White/Clear Vinyl, Peaceville Records Ltd. 1,000 Copies).

• Denial of God - Death and the Beyond Black/Purple Vinyl

• Denial of God - The Hallow Mass Picture Disks

• Nexul - Paradigm of Chaos Silver/Oxblood Marble Vinyl

• Black Witchery - Inferno of Sacred Destruction Red Marble Vinyl

• Broken Hope - Loathing Purple Vinyl

• Baratheon - Okkult Ultra Clear Vinyl

• Samael - Passage Baby/Sea Blue Swirl Vinyl

• Medieval Demon - Medieval Necromancy Black Vinyl Test Pressing Ltd. 5 Hand-Numbered Copies

• Carpathian Forest - Bloodlust & Perversions Black Vinyl Test Pressing Ltd. 20 Hand-Numbered Copies

• Drowning the Light - Varcolaci Rising (Purple Vinyl, Iron Bonhead Prod. 2018 Ltd. 300 Copies).

• Black Funeral - Ankou and the Death Fire (Black Vinyl, Iron Bonehead Prod. 2016 Ltd. 500 Copies).

• Black Funeral - The Dust and Darkness (Purple/Black Splatter Vinyl, Iron Bonehead Prod. 2018 Ltd. 100 Copies).

• Trap Them - Crown Feral (Blue Vinyl Band Exclusive, Prosthetic Records, Ltd. 200 Copies. Jacket has top seam wear).

• Arkhtinn - IIIIIIIVVVI (3xBlue/Gray/Black/White Platter Vinyl, Amor Fati Prod. 2019 Ltd. Unknown).

• Arkhtinn - 最初の災害 (Red/Black Vinyl, Amor Fati Prod. 2019 Ltd. Unknown).

• Dead Reptile Shrine - A Journey Through the Darkest of Forests (2xBlack Vinyl, Final Agony/Brutal Horde Ltd. 250 Copies).

• Mutiilation - Vampires of Black Imperial Blood (2xBlack/White Swirl Vinyl, Osmose Prod. 2019 Ltd. 500 Copies).

• Forbidden Temple - IV (Black Vinyl, Medieval Prophecy 2020, Ltd. Unknown)

• Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk (White Vinyl, Blooddawn/Osmose Prod. 2021, Ltd. 500 Copies).

• Abruptum - Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes (2xRed Vinyl, Profound Lore 2019 Ltd. 100 Copies).

• Pestilential Shadows - Embrace After Death (Black Vinyl, Seance Records 2020, Ltd. 100 Copies).

• Jason Crumer - Self-Titled (2xBlack Vinyl, Breathing Problem Prod. Ltd. Undisclosed).

• Book of Skelos - Magickal Atavism (Black/White Split Vinyl, Out of Season Ltd. 300 Copies).

• Serpent’s Isle - Self-Titled (2xBlue/Clear Split Vinyl, Out of Season Ltd. 300 Copies).

• Omnizide - Death Metal Holocaust (Black/Gray/White Swirl Vinyl, Carnal Records Ltd. 100 Copies) Slight ring on sleeve.

• Omnizide - NekroRegime (White Vinyl, Carnal Records, Ltd. 200 Copies).

• Omnizide - Pleasure From Death (Black Vinyl 7” Carnal Records, Ltd. 100 Hand-Numbered Copies).

• Omnizide - Nekromantik (Black/Red Vinyl 10” Carnal Records, Ltd. 100 Copies).

• Death In June - Peaceful Snow (2x10” Picture Disk, AUTOGRAPHED VERSION, NER Ltd. 1,000 Copies).

I will ship the same/next day following payment via USPS Media Mail. Please let me know if you have any questions and also check my other items. Thanks.

***Also please note any DLC has more than likely previously been redeemed. No reserve listing. Check my feedback for any reassurance you may need. I’ve bought/sold vinyls for years. Thanks.