VG/VG- Marble Phrogg Private garage psych fuzz 6 Pokora Star LP Oklahoma (1968)!

Sold Date: August 12, 2017
Start Date: August 2, 2017
Final Price: $554.00 (USD)
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About This Record.  This is an original USA first pressing copy of Marble Phrogg’s same titled LP that was released in Oklahoma in 1968.  There were about 100 copies of this LP pressed on Derrick Records.  It’s a killer LP with lots of fuzz guitar that brings life to their cover versions and Their original tune “Love Me Again”!  Hans Pokora gives this his highest “Six Star” Garage/Psych rating in his Pokora 1001 book, and Acid Archives its highest R4 rating, and Vernon Joynson also gives this his highest R4 rating.  As Acid Archives notes, these guys do the covers much better than the original bands!

Given the rarity and importance of this record I am grading each track individually. 

·      My gradings are based on my listening through my Ruby Benz LP cartridge playing at 1.2 grams: ·      NO STICKS and NO Jumps and No Skips on this record, but lots of paper marks and a number of short scratches that sound and some of which can be felt with your finger tip, and other miscellaneous scuffs. 

Side One: 

A1  I’m so Glad  (Cream) Plays Strong VG.  A few passages with some background (BG) noise, a few pops here and there.

A2 Love Me Again   Plays VG (original tune) A few more pops and BG noise

A3 Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf) Great fuzzed out version plays  G+ concentric ticks through about ¾ of the song but no sticks or jumps etc.

A4 I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better (Byrds)  Plays VG+  Just two or three concentric ticks in a spot or two.  Some BG noise between tracks

A5 Fields of Sun (?)  Plays VG-  quiet a few pops and background noise noticeable

A6 Fire (Jimi Hendrix)  Plays  VG+; just a few light pops

Side Two:

B1  Ryder  (Jefferson Airplane?) Plays VG-   BG noise and light pops in beginning of song, especially, then cleans up a bit.

B2  Connection  (?) Plays STRONG VG; just a little BG,  a few pops in a some places

B3 Strange Brew (Cream) Plays VG several pops; light BG noise in places

B4 There’s a Girl  (?) Plays VG- background noise more in first part of song; fair number of light pops.  Lots of BG noise b/t tracks

B5 Season of the Witch (?) Plays VG-  loud pops in some places; some BG noise as well; parts play clean.

B6 Sky Pilot (Animals) Plays close to VG+ (not EX, because there are some pops that are distracting but still not too bad and the wah wah fuzz box is a killer on this one!


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The photos of the labels or cover list the songs and any possible details about the labels. 

I offer full refund including shipping both ways (for USA and foreign buyers in case for some wildly strange reason you might be unhappy with this purchase.  Comes cleaned on my KL Audio Ultrasonic Record Cleaner and placed in a new dust-free sleeve for your grandchildren.  And at least one plastic sleeves for moisture protection (for you and me).

Cover Condition: STRONG Very Good (VG).  No seam splits or tears but there is a fair amount of wear on the seams, especially at the corners; no spine tears, but spine is flaking.  Medium ring wear on front cover; very very very light ring wear on back cover.  There never was any writing on the spine of this private released LP from Tulsa Oklahoma.

Please See all the Photos I took.  I didn't take them for fun and frolic.

Vinyl Condition: Very Good Minus (VG-) Conservative Grading.  See above very detailed description.

Labels. Excellent (EX) labels.  Just some light spindle marks.  No writing, tears, or price sticker etc. marks.  Please see photos of all labels.

Inserts: Comes with original plain white (now very very brown, paper inner sleeve), but no worries, this LP also come cleaned on my KL Audio Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine and in a new rice paper sleeve equivalent.

Packaging.  I clean all vinyl on my KL Audio Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine and place it in a new innersleeve so the old dust does not reattach; but I also include the innersleeve that came with the LP if it is the original.  I separate the vinyl in its new sleeve after cleaning from the cover, and place the cover and the separately packed vinyl in at least one if not two plastic innersleeves that help protect against moisture damage during this cool records transition to your record collection.  I use sturdy carboard containers with real corners and pack with at least two insert stiffeners, and I place neon stickers on the front and back of the package indicating “Do Not Bend” and/or “Fragile” or something like that to help facilitate a safe passage.

Shipping and Payment.  PayPal only.  I ship promptly worldwide; sometimes the automatic eBay invoice does not have accurate shipping if you buy more than one LP, so if you are unsure email me and ask for an invoice. . . .  I offer full refund on this record including shipping both ways, unless you live outside North America in which case I will refund you shipping one way unless I made a mistake which I sometimes do because I am only human..  CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS:  Please add sales tax!