Beatles / AUTHENTIC 3rd State Butcher / Yesterday And Today (+) Alt. Repro & LP

Sold Date: December 1, 2019
Start Date: November 24, 2019
Final Price: $429.00 (USD)
Seller Feedback: 4148
Buyer Feedback: 4549

Included in this listing are the following (3) Beatles items:

1. An AUTHENTIC 3rd state Yesterday And Today Butcher cover. The pictured cover is in good overall condition. As you can see in the provided photos, this is an authentic 1966 peeled cover. The peel job isn’t bad for a non-professional attempt . The front of the cover is uniform in its look. There is no missing material (common with home peels) save for a few insignificant spots. The remaining appeal is obvious and the texture of the intended original cover can be plainly seen. Displays perfectly.

I believe there is still room for improvement with this example. There appears to be some glue residue in a few areas that could be removed enhancing the look even more. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d go with a 6.5 to be fair. Part of that grade is for the back cover.

I know the back of this album might never be looked at but I always go the extra yard when pointing out known flaws. When looking at the back cover you can plainly see it is a bit tattered. Also look to the upper left and please notice there is a several inch long piece missing. Luckily it doesn’t affect the front cover at all (please observe the provided photos for your condition concerns). There is also a top seam split that goes about 3/4 of the way in. That’s about it for the Butcher Cover. It’s not perfect but very solid as a display cover and it could be improved upon. The front is in better condition than the back with the front having good color and uniformity.

2. A REPRODUCTION of one of several officially proposed alternate cover designs. The original of this high quality reproduction only exists in the form of a printer’s proof. The one listed here is in the form of a completed and usable album cover. It uses the proper stock of the original covers from the 1960s and has the proper rear graphics.

3. An authentic first USA MONO pressing of the “Yesterday And Today” album including unique American mixes that have since been almost forgotten by most. This is how they were first heard in the USA in 1966 and for many, many years later until the catalogue was homogenized using the same mixes for all world releases. The condition of the vinyl is VG to EX. There are light surface marks (but nothing that can be felt) with great mono sound and clean labels. I just gave it a final listen, sounds great.

***The Butcher cover is AUTHENTIC, the Alternate cover is a REPRODUCTION and in no way is being past off as an authentic printer’s proof. I’m including it in this listing as more of a bonus piece to enhance the story of the withdrawn cover.***

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