archive of popular music (rolling stones, led zeppelin) complete collection 11lp

Sold Date: September 4, 2021
Start Date: January 3, 2020
Final Price: $99.00 (USD)
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1. doors - light my fire 2. stevie wonder - sunshine of my life 3. creedence clearwater revival - traveling band 4. rolling stones - play with fire 5. rolling stones - lady jane 6. led zeppelin - stairway to heaven 7. elton john - honky cat 8. deep purple - smoke on the water 9. elton john - your song 10. david bowie - starman 11. elvis presley - that's all right
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Vinyl condition grading system Mint (M) - open or sealed (sealed) unplayed plate. Disc and envelope have no visible defects. Near Mint (NM / M-) is an almost superb record. Either not played once, or should be played without any audible defects. Most sellers do not give a rating higher than this, because they believe that there are no absolutely excellent records. No signs of wear, stains or other defects should be visible on the plate. The envelope should not have any folds, cuts or other noticeable similar defects. The same should be with all additional materials - posters, inner envelopes, sheets of lyrics, etc. Excellent (EX) - has some traces of use, but the loss in sound quality is minimal. The envelope and the attachment may have light wear or light folds. Very Good Plus (VG +) - The disc shows some signs of wear and tear from playback, but the previous owner took care of decent storage. Defects should be small (surface scratches) that do not affect the entire reproduction. A slight unevenness of the surface, which does not affect the sound quality, is allowed. The label (apple) of the disc may have slight wear from the spindle (spider) or discoloration of colors. The envelope may have small signs of wear and / or cuts. If it were not for these few small, but visible defects in visual inspection, the plate is usually given an assessment of the state of NM. Very Good (VG) - Most of the defects described above apply to this assessment. Superficial noise is evident during playback, especially in silent losses and gaps between tracks, but does not exceed the audibility of music in other places. Track wear is more visible, as are light scratches that affect reproduction. The disc label may contain foreign labels, labels, or traces of foreign labels. The same applies to liners or envelopes. At the same time, there should not be many of these shortcomings at the same time. Good Plus (G +) - A record should play without jumps, but can have a significant level of surface noise, scratches and visible wear on the track. On the envelope can be visible trace from the storage plate, especially below and in the center. When playing also heard significant clicks. Good (G) - lost so many times that the sound quality has deteriorated markedly. There may be some distortion, deep and long scratches. Cover and attachments suffered from folds, edge damage, root tears, discoloration, etc.