THE DOORS INFINITE 12 LP, 6 ALBUM, 200g.Vinyl, 45rpm, Ltd.Ed. - NUMBERED - NEW

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SUCH A DEAL !    ATTENTION: IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT.  I HAD TO TWIST MANY ARMS AND EVEN KISS A LITTLE BUTT (and pay a pretty penny too)… BUT, I WAS ABLE TO GET ANOTHER SET. THANK YOU EVERYBODY. THE LOWDOWN: THE DOORS INFINITE.  BRAND SPANKIN' NEW AND SEALED.   I WILL MAIL IT TO YOU WITH TENDER LOVING CARE, INCLUDING USPS TRACKING.  I WILL EVEN INSURE IT FOR LOSS AND DAMAGE, WHILE IN THE HANDS OF THE USPS, FOR THE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE AMOUNT, FOR FREE.  WHO ELSE DOES THAT?  ATTENTION: MINE IS THE "REAL DEAL" (direct from the licensed distributor / manufacturer).  IT IS "SUPER-DUPER-PACKAGED" AND READY TO MAIL, FROM LOS ANGELES, CA.  YOU WILL LOVE IT.  The Doors... Infinite, 200 gram Vinyl, 45RPM, Numbered (limited to 2,500 numbered copies, worldwide) , 12LP Box Set, from Analogue Productions.  The Band's Six Legendary Studio Albums Cut from the Original Analog Sources by Doug Sax and Original Engineer Bruce Botnick, and Pressed on 200g 45RPM LPs at Quality Record Pressings.  Includes Booklet featuring 19 Photographs and Essay by Doors Biographer and Esteemed Rock Journalist/Former Rolling Stone Editor Ben Fong-Torres.....  The Doors. Like you've never before experienced them. Six studio albums. Each a bonafide classic. Now you can feel, not just hear, every signature note and breath, and even sense the recording studio walls contributing to the music's physicality and soulfulness. Remastered from the original analog source tapes by Doug Sax and original Doors engineer Bruce Botnick, and meticulously pressed on 200g 45RPM LP at Quality Record Pressings: This is the definitive audiophile edition worthy of the band's Hall of Fame career.   Jim Morrison's soul-awakening howls, Ray Manzarek's signature keyboard riffs, Robby Krieger's raw guitar riffs, and John Densmore's heart-starting drum beats erupt with tremendous realism, presence, and dimensionality. High frequencies, low frequencies, and those in between--they're all here, and make it seem as if the Doors are playing feet away from you.  As aptly put by rock ‘n' roll journalist extraordinaire Ben Fong-Torres, there's never been a reissue of The Doors recordings that has sounded quite like these gems from Analogue Productions. Taking the original master analog sources, they have cut every track from every studio album at 45RPM and pressed them on 200g vinyl at the Quality Record Pressings plant. As Fong-Torres notes: "Bottom line, a chronicle of The Doors in the studio, captured with the highest sonic quality possible, they deserve no less!"   But the Doors Infinite 45RPM Vinyl Box Set features more than just spectacular sonics. Also included is a specially illustrated 12" booklet with 19 photographs and a 2,700-word essay about the band from Fong-Torres. A former editor for Rolling Stone, Fong-Torres got the last interview with Morrison before his death in Paris in 1971. Portions of that famous final interview appear here in the accompanying booklet.  The Doors exploded onto the music scene in 1967 with their epic debut, introducing the world to their unique blend of rock, blues, jazz and flamenco styles arranged around Morrison's deep, resonate voice and poetic lyrics. Their eponymous release is widely considered the band's masterwork and contains some of their most beloved songs, including "Break On Through (To The Other Side)," "Light My Fire," "Back Door Man" and "The End."   Although most of the material for their 1967 sophomore album was written around the same time as their debut which was released earlier in the same year, the songs on the genre-bending Strange Days still manage to possess their own distinct and foreboding character. The equally as impressive follow-up yielded the touchstone hits "Love Me Two Times" and "People Are Strange" as well as the the fan favorites "Moonlight Drive," "Strange Days" and "When The Music's Over."  With their third album, 1968's Waiting For The Sun, The Doors took a noticeably mellower turn, delivering some fine melodic ballad rock songs like "Hello, I Love You," "Love Street" and "Wintertime Love" while still retaining their former power with tracks like "The Unknown Soldier," "Spanish Caravan" and the apocalyptic "Five To One." The Doors' newfound sensibility not only helped the band produce one of their most diverse releases, it also resulted in their first and only #1 album.  The Doors mined new territory with their 1969 release, The Soft Parade, incorporating brass, strings and even a full orchestra into the mix, albeit with the same results as it became their fourth Top 10 album in a row. The album climbed all the way to #6 on the strength of the huge hit “Touch Me.”  Released in 1970 in the wake of Jim Morrison’s infamous indecency bust, the Doors next-to-last album Morrison Hotel found the band reinventing themselves as one of the greatest bar bands around with a thrilling bluesy, no-frills approach and harder edged sound. The album shot up to #4 on the charts on the strength of the now classics "Waiting For The Sun," "Roadhouse Blues" "Peace Frog" and "Ship Of Fools."  1971's L.A. Woman was The Doors sixth and final studio album, released just three months before Jim Morrison's death in Paris, France. It was also the first Doors album to not feature production from longtime collaborator Paul Rothchild. The rawer, more live feel marks a return to the blues roots from which the band originally emerged, delivering the signature songs “Love Her Madly,” “Riders On The Storm” and the title track.  BTW: DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT ALL MY OTHER DOORS ITEMS, INCLUDING A "ONE OF A KIND" DOORS T-SHIRT.                                                                                                                                                            - 12 LP Box Set (6 Albums)
- 200g 45RPM vinyl
- Remastered by Doug Sax & original engineer Bruce Botnick
- Booklet featuring 19 photos plus 2700-word essay by Doors biographer Ben Fong-Torres

The Doors Infinite 45RPM Vinyl Box Set Contents:
The Doors
1.  Break On Through (To The Other Side)
2.  Soul Kitchen
3.  The Crystal Ship
4.  Twentieth Century Fox
5.  Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
6.  Light My Fire
7.  Back Door Man
8.  I Looked At You
9.  End Of The Night
10. Take It As It Comes
11. The End
Strange Days
1.  Strange Days
2.  You're Lost Little Girl
3.  Love Me Two Times
4.  Unhappy Girl
5.  Horse Latitudes
6.  Moonlight Drive
7.  People Are Strange
8.  My Eyes Have Seen You
9.  I Can't See Your Face in My Mind
10. When the Music's Over
Waiting For The Sun
1.  Hello, I Love You
2.  Love Street
3.  Not To Touch The Earth
4.  Summer's Almost Gone
5.  Wintertime Love
6.  The Unknown Soldier
7.  Spanish Caravan
8.  My Wild Love
9.  We Could Be So Good Together
10. Yes, The River Knows
11. Five To One
The Soft Parade
1. Tell All the People
2. Touch Me
3. Shaman's Blues
4. Do It
5. Easy Ride
6. Wild Child
7. Runnin' Blue
8. Wishful Sinful
9. The Soft Parade
Morrison Hotel
1.  Roadhouse Blues
2.  Waiting For The Sun
3.  You Make Me Real
4.  Peace Frog
5.  Blue Sunday
6.  Ship Of Fools
7.  Land Ho!
8.  The Spy
9.  Queen Of The Highway
10. Indian Summer
11. Maggie M'Gill
L.A. Woman
1. The Changeling
2. Love Her Madly
3. Been Down So Long
4. Cars Hiss By My Window
5. L.A. Woman
6. L'America
7. Hyacinth House
8. Crawling King Snake
9. The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
10. Riders On The Storm