Led Zeppelin 1 Vinyl LP Turquoise sleeve - 588171 Plum , Please read carefully

Sold Date: November 23, 2022
Start Date: November 23, 2022
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Led Zeppelin 1 Turquoise sleeve - Please read carefully !

This is a Turquoise embossed Led Zeppelin 1 sleeve and although it is a first edition it does NOT contain the Superhype credits on the record, so i am guessing the vinyl may have been replaced at some time unless someone out there knows different ?

I have owned this album for over 20 years so if it was replaced it was before my ownership.

The matrix numbers are correct as 588171 A//1 and B//1 with the second 8 scored out.

Plays through very well with only a few minor crackles.

Very minor spindle marks, a few surface marks show under bright light.

Sleeve is also in very good condition with only a few minor creases.

Please study the photographs carefully.

Any questions welcome.

Kind regards