HEAR Cables 45 Forget It / The Broom KAY BEE garage frat stomper

Sold Date: July 9, 2024
Start Date: February 28, 2024
Final Price: $24.99 (USD)
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Label/Number: Kay Bee 102   Condition: Strong VG, close to VG+ has light scuffs and scratches. Slight surface noise. 
Notes: Sound clips are of the actual 45 with no filters or EQing. Check out the many other fantastic 45s on my store page! Buy more and save!! Win up to THIRTY 45s from me, and no shipping charge will be added! (although over 8 will be shipped media rate)
Shipping cost within the lower 48 states is $4.00 via USPS first class. Rest of the world, $13.50, and only 75 cents more per record. Canada is $8.50
All 45s come in generic sleeves, unless otherwise pictured. All records have been professionally cleaned. All items are packaged with corrugated cardboard mailers and filler pads. If you would like insurance, or anything faster than first class, please let me know.

I visually inspect all records under bright light, and play  at least half of each side on a modern turntable to get a true picture of condition. I'm a 0ne-man operation, not a store, so I take my time grading. Here is the criteria I follow........
*SS  (STILL SEALED) Sealed at factory and never opened. Disc is assumed to be undamaged and mint, but this cannot be proven until the album is actually opened and the disc examined. *M  (MINT) – I do not use this grade. Perfection.  No flaws, defects, marks or otherwise indications of being handled or played. Any scuffs, hairline scratches or other marks disqualify discs from this category. I do not use this grade, as even the act of inserting the disc or removing it from the paper sleeve may cause scuff marks on the vinyl. *M-  (MINT MINUS) This is the highest grade I will assign to opened, handled records. The vinyl is virtually flawless, bright and shiny. It looks unplayed.  There are no scuffs or scratches. The label is bright, and clean. *NM   (NEAR MINT) The disc should play with no audible noise.  A very minor, barely visible scuff or two may be permitted, possibly a small hairline scratch or two that do not affect play or interfere with the sound quality. Vinyl is bright and shiny; label is clean and may only have a very small blemish or two. *NM -   (NEAR MINT MINUS) Disc plays near perfectly, but may have minor paper scuffs or very light scratches, possibly with a very light pop or crackle. Vinyl is bright; label is clean and may show only very light wear. *VG++  or as Ebay calls it EX (VERY GOOD PLUS PLUS) Minor visible surface wear, light scuffs and scratches.  Very light noise, if any. Vinyl will still be bright and shiny; labels may have minor imperfections (initials, small sticker residue, light shelf wear, etc.), but otherwise clean.  *VG+   (VERY GOOD PLUS)  Some visible surface wear, scuffs and scratches that cause minor surface noise. Some may be felt with a fingernail, but will have minimal impact on the sound quality. Vinyl will still have good luster; labels may have minor imperfections (small labels or names, shelf wear etc.), but otherwise clean.  *VG   (VERY GOOD) Vinyl will have noticeable scratches and scuffs that cause surface noise, but do not overpower the music. There will be no skips. Vinyl may appear somewhat dull and grayish. Labels may have small tears, tape marks, larger writing, etc. but still be easily legible. There may be wear or minor deformation of the spindle hole. *VG -  or as Ebay calls is G+ (VERY GOOD MINUS) Playable.  Noticeable scuffs and scratches that cause surface noise, but no skips.    *G   (GOOD) Well-played, dull, grayish vinyl with deeper scratches and wear causing distracting surface noise (hisses, pops, cracks and other nasties). The record may have some skips. Labels may be significantly defaced or damaged. *F   (FAIR) These will only be sold as craft, decor, etc. I will explain this clearly within the auction description.