Michael Jackson Thriller BLUE LP Vinyl NIGERIAN-scream smile history bad jam cry

Sold Date: May 14, 2019
Start Date: May 14, 2019
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ORIGINAL GENUINE ITEM, not a fake. TRUE LEGEND, one of the rarest LPs from Michael in existence, Blue colored Vinyl. Includes the sleeve with printed in low quality "features the smash hit", rare original sleeve with marks of times. Item in good conditions. Vinys in good condition with scratchs. Side 2 plays normally with some noises --- Side A have some jumps inside the tracks but do not jump the tracks itselfs, the only tracks who plays normally is Baby Be Mine and Thriller who have only 1 little stop/jump. Both sides have very similar scratches but for some reason only side B wasnt affected by them. My machine simply, maybe sounds better in a top machine. Still a nice release. 


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