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Start Date: June 15, 2021
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Hello… You have made it to my little eBay store, I call it “My Vinyl Vault”. The records within the store are mostly my personal collection which I have guarded for decades. Some of which I am not the original owner.

A letter preceding the artist name in the title is simply a code to help me locate the record quickly.

Here are a few things including my grading scale to consider before making your purchase and an explanation as to why I am selling off my vinyl collection.

Why am I selling my records? I always said “over my dead body will I sell my records” then in 2016 I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. This combined with CORONA has made this a very challenging period for me, my wife and our 10 year old. The good news is I am still here and fighting, the bad news is it is very expensive to have and fight cancer especially over a long period of time.  I am blessed to still be alive and now it’s time to pass on the joy of my vinyl while trying to contribute financially to my household.

I never use stock or other peoples photo’s in my listings, what you see is what I am offering.

Unless new & sealed, each record sold is deep cleaned by hand with Spin Clean before it ships.

I ship ONLY to USA, packed with care with two cardboard cushions via USPS Media Mail in a premium container, most often, A Whiplash.  Media Mail is not the fastest way but it is certainly the most affordable way to get your record. Be prepared to be a little patient. The Post Office has some strange routing policies. Hint, going to the USPS web site and inputing your tracking number, more times than not, will get you more current information than you get in the Ebay app or website. 

SAVE ON SHIPPING - Each additional record you purchase, at the same time, will ship in the same container, up to 3 more records, and will save you $4.00 in shipping on each additional record. Refund given after the sale.

How I grade my records: I wish vinyl grading was more of a science, regretfully it is not. Highly subjective and usually one sided, its a challenge to get everyone to agree. I try to put myself in the buyers shoes when I grade. Sometimes I can look at a record three different times and come out with three different opinions, nobody’s perfect but I try. The Album Jacket is the 1st grade, the disc is the 2nd grade. I generally don’t grade generic jackets.

Unless otherwise noted, I grade as follows:


Mint (M) Never played and usually sealed, visually and audibly perfect.

Near Mint (NM) Generally the record has only been played a few times and should be free of marks or scratches, it is not unusual to have some very minor inner sleeve rub.

Excellent (EX) Same as above except possibly a few inaudible marks or light scratches as well as general evidence of use. No skipping.

Very Good Plus (VG+) A few further faults are acceptable but nothing that really compromises the record. Possibly a few crackles or pops, a few more light scratches. No skipping.

Very Good (VG) Its seen better days but still usable to some. Frequent pops, clicks and scratches should be expected. Shouldn’t skip however. 

Good (G) Undesirable for most but may have some important meaning for others. Buy at your own risk, absolutely no returns. Probably a good amount of scratches and maybe a little warped but probably still will not skip.

Anything on the disc that looks suspicious with the exception of disc’s with a (G) rating, are tested audibly on my equipment before it ships. I use an Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP table with factory installed cartridge tracking at factory recommended forces. I understand we do not all share the same gear.


There is nothing fancy about how I grade the sleeves, all visual but sometimes the age will factor in.

I am a fair guy, if you honestly feel I have made an error in grading your purchase, I will buy it back except where the product is new and factory sealed or carries a (G) rating. I take high resolution images of the disk before it leaves here so I can refer back if there is a conflict. In the event you want to make a return, Email me to obtain a RA#. Once I receive it, I will email you the RA# number back. Your return must be sent back in the original container and must include the RA#. Please let me know of any conflicts within 7 days of receiving the record.

Thanks very much!