LP-BOX Bud Powell The Complete Bud Powell Blue Note Recordings (1949-1958)

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(This image comes from discogs) (This image comes from discogs) LP-BOX:Bud Powell,The Complete Bud Powell Blue Note Recordings (1949-1958) [HARDCOVER BOX + BOOKLET]

'Hard cardboard box including 5 LP's and a 20 pages booklet.
Edition of 7,500 copies.
The earliest sets of this release sold were not hand-numbered, as the space for it had been eliminated (see pic). Evidently customer demand caused the label to start numbering box sets once more, though none of the booklets for this LP set have a designated space for a limited edition number.

A1 to D8 recorded at WOR Studios (mono)
E1 to J6 recorded at The Van Gelder Studios (stereo)

Details Specifications:Hardcover Box + BookletLabel:Mosaic RecordsPublishedYear:1986Country:USCatalogue Number:MR5-116Number of insets:5FirstPublishedYear:1986 Condition / Grading

[we listened carefully & playgraded this record]

Cover / Case:NEAR MINT VINYL / Medium:NEAR MINT * According to Goldmine Grading Standards

Important Notes:incl. Booklet. Looks & sounds great.

Tracklist 1/3Bud Powell-Gettin' There1/2Bud Powell-Cleopatra's Dream1/1Bud Powell-Duid Deed1/4Bud Powell-Comin' Up1/3Bud Powell-Comin' Up (Alternate Take)1/2Bud Powell-Down With It1/1Bud Powell-The Scene Changes1/4Bud Powell-Time Waits1/3Bud Powell-Monopoly1/2Bud Powell-Marmalade1/1Bud Powell-Dry Soul1/5Bud Powell-Buster Rides Again1/4Bud Powell-John's Abbey1/3Bud Powell-Sub City1/2Bud Powell-Sub City (Alternate Take)1/1Bud Powell-John's Abbey (Alternate Take)1/6Bud Powell-Borderick1/5Bud Powell-Danceland1/4Bud Powell-Crossin' The Channel6/4Bud Powell-Moose The Mooche6/2Bud Powell-Idaho6/3Bud Powell-Don't Blame Me6/1Bud Powell-Bud On Bach5/4Bud Powell-Some Soul5/5Bud Powell-Frantic Fancies5/3Bud Powell-Keepin' In The Groove5/2Bud Powell-Blue Pearl (Alternate Take)4/8Bud Powell-Glass Enclosure5/1Bud Powell-Blue Pearl4/7Bud Powell-Audrey4/6Bud Powell-I Want To Be Happy4/5Bud Powell-Polka Dots And Moonbeams4/4Bud Powell-Collard Greens And Black-Eyed Peas4/3Bud Powell-Collard Greens And Black-Eyed Pea (Alternate Take)4/2Bud Powell-Sure Thing4/1Bud Powell-Reets And I (Alternate Take)3/7Bud Powell-Reets And I3/6Bud Powell-Autumn In New York3/4Bud Powell-Parisian Thoroughfare3/4Bud Powell-It Could Happen To You3/3Bud Powell-It Could Happen To You (Alternate Take)3/2Bud Powell-A Night In Tunisia (Alternate Take)3/1Bud Powell-A Night In Tunisia2/7Bud Powell-Over The Rainbow2/6Bud Powell-Un Poco Loco2/5Bud Powell-Un Poco Loco (Alternate Take #2)2/4Bud Powell-Un Poco Loco (Alternate Take #1)2/3Bud Powell-Ornithology (Alternate Take)2/2Bud Powell-Ornithology2/1Bud Powell-You Go To My Head1/8Bud Powell-52nd Street Theme1/7Bud Powell-Dance Of The Infidels1/6Bud Powell-Dance Of The Infidels (Alternate Take)1/5Bud Powell-Wail1/4Bud Powell-Wail (Alternate Take)1/3Bud Powell-Bouncing With Bud1/2Bud Powell-Bouncing With Bud (Alternate Take #2)1/1Bud Powell-Bouncing With Bud (Alternate Take #1) Credits BassCurly RussellDrums'Philly' Joe JonesEngineerDoug HawkinsPianoBud PowellTenor SaxophoneSonny RollinsTromboneCurtis FullerTrumpetFats Navarro Unsere Preise verstehen sich inkl. gesetzl. Umsatzsteuer. Die Umsatzsteuer kann aufgrund des Differenzbesteuerungsverfahrens ยง25a UStG nicht explizit ausgewiesen werden. If you need an invoice in any other format than email, please ask for it. ITEM-ID : 23200155396.