Gladstone Anderson , Glady Unlimited , Moodisc Label

Sold Date: July 17, 2023
Start Date: August 17, 2019
Final Price: £22.99 (GBP)
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I have a great collection of reggae albums that I have graded from a visual perspective only , these records will have had very little play and either have no signs of any surface marks at all or the odd ultra faint mark and I expect all these albums to play to an Excellent standard or better!!. Sleeves may show minor signs of shelf wear i.e minor ring wear , minor wear on edges seams..any major/obvious concerns with the sleeve will be detailed in the description provided

Note that albums that are Studio 1 / Coxsone & Treasure Isle may have the odd faint pressing marks ( pinhead in shape ) which is typical of vinyl pressings on these labels that may cause very faint/faint surface noise that can be attributed to pressing/stampers used.

As I am grading from a visual perspective only please note that in the very very rare and unlikely event that one of these albums do not play to an Excellent standard or better then please do contact me directly to arrange a return and I will of course pay for the return postage costs !!! do buy with confidence.




EXCELLENT : Either no signs of any surface marks or the odd ultra faint surface mark , very little lessening in sound quality is expected ,sleeve may show signs of minor shelf wear/ring wear any issues that are present with the sleeve will be noted in the description provided.

I make my gradings as accurate as possible, in the event of a rare mistake please contact me directly so we can discuss and agree/arrange a happy resolution , reviewing feedback received so far my gradings have all been well received by buyers.

Feedback : I always leave positive feedback for buyers.

Star Ratings : As a buyer you may rate a sellers performance on item as described , shipping time , shipping cost and communication. A rating of less than 5 star has a direct impact on the seller as EBay will then limit the number of items the seller can put on EBay so please discuss any issues with me so 5 star ratings can be maintained. If a seller is limited to how many items he can sell then less of his items can be listed which effects the seller as well as potential buyers who then wont be able to see the sellers full range of items for sale.