Dangerous Minds Movie Soundtrack Vinyl 1st press 1995 never played still new

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* All of my records are first press from the exact year they were released, they are not reissues or reprints over time. These are the best sound quality, most collectible, best press record originals there are period.

Smoke free, temp controlled , pet free home all of this time. I used to spin on many commercial and college radio mix shows and toured and did remixes for labels and many of the records were just sent to us to get artists airplay on air and in the clubs.
 I have broken many records into the market and kept many extras on hand as new in case my normal copies were wore out from power mixing:). This is why i still have many that are new and still un played from years back.

Dangerous minds movie soundtrack featuring coolio gangsta's paradise full  album. Clean versions.

never played, (Not sealed). This Was shipped to me as a promo as such.
 Most promo records are not sealed.
 Kept stored vertical in my crates.
Vinyl Grade= M

Mint (M) – Absolutely perfect in every way. Never been played and usually sealed.

Near Mint (NM) – The record has been on a shelf between other records. The vinyl looks glossy and clearly has only been played a few times. There are no marks on the vinyl and the whole package is complete.

Excellent (E) – Same but I’d tolerate very light marks where the vinyl has been in and out of the inner sleeve a few times, or tiny signs of use generally.

Very Good Plus (VG+) – A few further faults are acceptable, but nothing that really compromises the record visually or audibly. A little rub, light inaudible marks, a little background crackle.

Very Good (VG) – It’s seen a bit of life, but is still usable. Light pops and clicks, an edge split, light visible scratches. You can still listen to it and enjoy looking at it, but it is visually and audibly USED.

immediate payment required. **I will be listing many records (new and used). Save me as a seller.
 I have thousands in my collection. Approx 100 record crates full.
*All of my records (if used) are played on Technics 1200 turntables with diamond tip needles and kept as clean as they can be.

NOTE:  by bidding you agree with the following. no returns , NO WARRANTIES. any shipping issues are between the buyer and the shipping service (post office, fed ex, etc) we will pack very well.
i have perfect feedback for many years so if there is any issue i can assure you it isn't on our end. we are very very thorough.

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*NOTE: New records that are not sealed ( still new and un played originals) are actually a good thing as you can view vinyl to confirm they are not warped. When machines seal vinyl, they use heat. I have opened many sealed vinyl that were warped from stock. Also , original 1st run prints usually sound better than reprints. Many re prints are too thick or too thin. When it comes to mixing and scratching, original 1st press vinyl is superb. Keep this in mind when buying records. I started mixing at age 12 and have plenty of vinyl experience with over 20k records in my collection. Many nationwide tours, battles, production, summits,  you name it, I have probably been there.