DJ Record Collection Lot of 300+ Hip Hop, Electronic, Rap etc Promos

Sold Date: November 23, 2022
Start Date: November 10, 2022
Final Price: $500.00 (USD)
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DJ Record Collection. Lot of approximately 330 Lps & double Lps.  Some of the sleeves have wear, but overall the records are in very good condition.  Appears to be a lot of DJ Promos or Samples. Mostly 1980s-early 2000s.  Rap, Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic and more...Some of the albums/artist are: 
Armageddon, Trace, Dom & Roland, Protocol, Mysteries of Fink, Accidental Heroes, Whiplash, John B., Cryptic Audio, DJ Zinc, Optical, Dylan & DJ Damage, Faith in Chaos, Kraken, Technical Itch, Ram Trilogy, Baby Namssos, DJ Fiction & Nu Balance, Future Prophecies, Moving Fusion, Militia, Stakka & K Tee, Degree, DJ Icy, 5th Assassin, Grove Rider, The Planets, Aftermath, Titanium Minds, Terrordome, Sketch & Code, Under Pressure, Planet V, Uncle Warfare, Sly FX & T power, Lemon D, DJ Crage & Juju, Baron, Champion Sands, Concept 2, High Tension, Man Line, Hard Leaders, Bert, DJ Teebee, Monty & Pascal, Doc Scott, N20, DJ Raps, Ray Keith, Fuel Cycle, DJ Ink, Klute, Dom & Roland, Invader, JB & DJ Spice, New World Order, Origin Unknown, Commercial Suicide, ToV, Sektor, Renegade Hardware, Renegade of Funk, Rob F & Impulse, Roni Size, London Elektricity, Adam F., Bladerunners, Vertigo, Metal Heads, Jimmy Van M, Sugizo, Silent Witness & Break, Total Science, Vector Burn, The Clan, Enforcers, Paradox, Zion, Earth ER, Koshen, Influx, Kamanchi, Time PLayaz, Danny Breaks, Nookie, Diesel Boy, DJ 3D, Mamphi Swift and more....

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