Iron Maiden Live After Death (Vinyl) 12" Album

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Further Details

Title: Live After Death
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 0825646248650
Edition: 12" Album
Genre: Metal
Style: Heavy
Release Date: 27/10/2014
Release Year: 2014
Description: 1985 live album by the English heavy metal band. It was recorded at Long Beach Arena, California and Hammersmith Odeon, London during the band's World Slavery Tour.
No Of Discs: 2
Artist: Iron Maiden
Record Label: Rhino
MPN: 0825646248650
1-1 Intro (Churchill's Speech)
1-2 Aces High
1-3 2 Minutes to Midnight
1-4 The Trooper
1-5 Revelations
1-6 Flight of Icarus
1-7 Rime of the Ancient Mariner
1-8 Powerslave
1-9 The Number of the Beast
2-1 Hallowed Be Thy Name
2-2 Iron Maiden
2-3 Run to the Hills
2-4 Running Free
2-5 Wrathchild
2-6 22 Acacia Avenue
2-7 Children of the Damned
2-8 Die With Your Boots On
2-9 Phantom of the Opera

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