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♬ Let's have a great trip together around the African continent. 

So gald to share all these tasty and spicy sounds. Enjoy ! ♬


Title = Geedy dayaan

Country = Senegal

Year = 1977

Label / Ref / Pressing = Disques Griot / GR 7604 / Original from USA

Tracks = Side A : Yamatee nee law / Indu waad / Cuur ngonee ngalang  Side B : Muugn / Manduleen / geedy dayaan

Musicians : Baila Diagne (bass), Bob Sene (guitar), Papa Basse (organ, synth, piano, strings), Ousmane Diagne (drums), Aziz Seck (african percussions), Omar Pene (vocal), Amadou Diagne, Bassirou Diagne (chorus), Sadibou Niasse (trumpet), Moustapha Fall (trombone), Tonia Lo (sax).  

In Senegal , from the end of the 70's to the 90's Super Diamono (Omar Pene's orchestra), was the big rival of the Star Band and Etoile de Dakar (lead by Youssou N'dour). Less mediatized, but just as popular in the country, his music was considered for a long time as richer and more inspired, arrangements more worked with outstanding musicians. And an exceptional high pitched voice. This recording is one of his best. 3 deep and dense tracks (A1/A2/B3), 3 shaky and groovy tunes (A3/B1/B2), the whole blend purified with hypnotic psych, synth and cosmic sounds (that remidns Ifang Bondi, Guelewar, Xalam, Ouza...). Moody, psychy, funky, trippy…Recommended ? Obviously !

♬ Soundfiles are recorded from the vinyl auctioned ♬

Short extracts (same order than below) : 

A3 : 

B1 : 

B2 : 

A1 : 

A2 : 

B3 : 

Record = Side A : VG (average grade : looks VG-, covered with surface scuffs, marks and traces, plays really great with constant light to very light crackles, a few tiny tics, absolutely enjoyable) Side B : VG/VG- (covered with surface scuffs, marks and traces, plays mostly with constant light crackles, some slightly more audible on B3 with a few very light clicks, nothing serious, really enjoyable)

Cover G (worn, cornea, yellowed, strong ring wear, edges and corners damaged (tears/splits, top/bottomfully open), writings, marks and traces of dirt)

Label = seriously worn on A side, writings, traces of dirt

++++++++++++++++++++ Postage + Handling cost +++++++++++++++++++


Item is located in Europe. You will find the real shipping cost below (No way to list with the right shipping costs. I was forced to indicate 4 US$. Thanks for your understanding).

Sending from Belgium (2 business days after payment / Registered shipping - Priority Airl Mail) 

BBELGIUM : 1-7 LP's = 11$


REST OF EUROPE + USA : 1-3 LP's = 22$ / 4-18 LP's = 40$  

WORLDWIDE : 1-3 LP's = 33$ / 4-7 LP's = 60$

I am really sorry for the high postal fees. Belgian postal service is probably the most expensive in the world ! And no economic shipping...

This is why I also propose to ship records from France (cheaper but sending later = 10 days after payment).

Sending from France (10-15 business days after payment / Registered shipping - Priority Airl Mail)  

FRANCE : 1-7 LP's = 11$ 

EUROPE (EEC) : 1 LP = 15 $ / 2-3 LP's = 19$ / 4-7 LP's = 22$   

WORLDWIDE + EUROPE (NON EEC) : 1 LP = 17$ / 2-3 LP's = 26$ / 4-7 LP's = 45$


Once the sale is completed, please be kind enough to wait for the invoice that I will send with the total amount for each transaction. Do not pay before. Thanks in advance. 


Ne payez pas avant de recevoir la facture avec le montant total pour chaque transaction, que j'envoie après la fin des ventes. Merci d'avance.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Notes +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Communication : ok in English (but I am not fluent !), de préférence en Français, mogelijk in Neederlands (maar ik heb hulp nodig !).

Payement/Paiement/Betaling : Paypal (prefer), Bank transfer/Virement bancaire. No check.

+++++++++++++++++++++++ Grading policy ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

NM (NEAR MINT) : Near perfect copy, played only a few times. At worst it may have one or two insignificant flaws.The highest grade I give for a non-sealed record / Disque et pochette impéccables, a joué seulement quelques fos. Au pire, une ou deux traces insignifiantes. C'est le grade le plus haut que je donne pour un disque non scellé.

EX (EXCELLENT) : Clean copy, there may be a few very light  surface traces/hairlines, it may plays with a few tiny crackles, cover has minor defaults. / Disque en excellent état, possibilité de très lègères traces ou lignes en surface, événtuellement quelques grésillement/craquements insignifiants, pochette avec défauts mineurs....

VG++ (VERY GOOD++) : A few light surface traces/scuffs, plays with very light crackles. There may be a few traces or marks on the cover, corners or slices slightly worn...Nothing serious but is not graded EX because of few minor defaults / Très bon état dans l'ensemble, avec de légères traces et rayures en surface, très légers craquements audibles. Quelques traces ou marques possibles sur la pochette, coins ou tranches légèrement usées. Rien de sérieux mais assez de petits défauts pour ne pas être classé EX.

VG+ (VERY GOOD +) : Played a lot, will show signs of handling, has surface marks and scuffs, plays with light crackles or light surface noise background, no serious scuffs, no serious crackles. Cover slighty worn (traces, light ring wear, dog eared, corner and slices slightly worn...) / Disque qui a tourné, visiblement utilisé, avec des marques et rayures en surface, des craquements légers ou un bruit de surface en fond, mais pas de griffes sérieuses, ni de craquements sérieux. Pochette un peu usée (avec quelques traces, cornée, coins et tranches légèrement abimés, saleté, ect...)

VG (VERY GOOD) : Used record, played a lot, has a lot of surface traces, marks and scuffs, crackles and a few clicks while playing, sometimes constants but not too serious,  no serious clicks, no jumps. Still enjoyable. Cover worn, may have corner and slices worn or damaged, ring wear, serious traces or little splits, slightly ripped / Disque qui a été souvent joué avec beaucoup de traces, marques et rayures diverses, quelques griffes et des craquements audibles, parfois constants mais pas trop sérieux. Ne saute pas. Toujours agréable à écouter... Pochette usée et défraichie, un peu déchirée, coins et tranches cornés ou abimés, traces sérieuses ou petits coups...

VG- (VERY GOOD MINUS) : Played a lot and more (but still playable), a lot of scuffs, marks, and traces, a lot of crackles while playing, sometimes serious, may have a few serious scuffs with serious clicks (no jumps). The cover is in a bad state, damaged... / Disque très utilisé (mais peut l'être encore...), beaucoup de griffes, de traces et de marques, peut avoir de sérieuses rayures , avec de sérieux craquements, ne saute pas. La pochette est en mauvais état, endommagée...

G (GOOD) : Indeed, not so good...but still alive ! Played while his entire life (and once again today !), or really ill-traited...A lot of serious traces, marks and scuffs, serious crackles and surface noise, serious clicks, may have jumps...The cover is really in a very bad state too, even no entire...Must be very rare to be proposed in this state... / En effet, pas si bon...mais encore vivant ! Utilisé durant sa vie entière (et aujourd'hui encore !), ou vraiment maltraité...Beaucoup de sérieuses traces, marques et rayures, sérieux craquements et bruits de surface, rayé et peut même sauter quelques fois...La pochette est aussi en très mauvais état, peut même ne pas être entière...Vraiment une rareté pour être présenté dans cet état...

POOR : ? = dead ? hard or impossible to listen to it...should be listed only in a batch. Cover ? better to say no more cover ! / ? mort ? difficile ou impossible à écouter...devrait être listé uniquement en lot. Pochette ? autant dire qu'il n'y en a plus !

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