Mondo LP Bundle (Spirited Away, Halloween, Shaun of the Dead, GOTG 1, others)

Sold Date: July 10, 2019
Start Date: July 9, 2019
Final Price: $530.00 (USD)
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This is a Bundle for Mondo LP records, all records in Excellent conditions, all are in the original wrapping shipped by Mondo. Guardians of the Galaxy is the only record that is not in shrink wrap because it was not shipped this way by Mondo, this item comes in a platic sleeve, the only thing I took out is the insert in order to take pictures of it, the insert contains Rocket and Korath, both in a small plastic sleeve that came with the record. Records have never been played or touched by me since they arrived in the mail. 
The bundle includes: Castlevania Halloween Guardians of the galaxy I (Rocket Raccoon insert, Korath) Gravity Batman The animated series 7-inch (Harley Quinn edition) Shaun of the Dead (Original Score) Shaun of the Dead (Version B) Studio Ghibli - Kokyo Kyokushu (Spirited Away) Timecrimes If you need more info on these records check out Mondo web page, link below