NEGATIVLAND 1st LP❖RARE #8323 Unique Handmade Package Vinyl/Sleeve LIKE NEW!!!

Sold Date: October 24, 2021
Start Date: June 30, 2020
Final Price: $159.98 (USD)
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Where to start?  From my personal collection, this is a rare 1980 Seeland pressing with a unique hand-made cover that is beyond gorgeous.  This is a numbered edition (I'm guessing of 10,000) and this particular copy is #8323, purchased new in the late '80s.  The vinyl is play-graded LIKE NEW, with just the most minor of surface noise here and there to remind you you're listening to vinyl.  Ironically, there are parts of the album where the source material on the master recording came from vinyl and there is audible surface noise in several spots.  But on those occasions, it's obvious what's going on and you can tell they're using noisy records as starting points for their recordings.  I played this in its entirety recently, and it was an unbelievably good listen.

The cover is its own amazing story and one of the better copies I've seen (I had a second copy I sold earlier and hung onto this one as the far superior copy). Lift the front flap with the fine 1960s Chevrolets to reveal the Negativland name and album number.  Lift the back flap for details of the lovely wallpaper sample they pasted the credits to.  Beyond cool.  Please see the photos for a general lay of the land.

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