Evanescence The Ultimate Collection 6LP 180g + 52 Page Book + Signed VIP Promo

Sold Date: May 3, 2021
Start Date: April 27, 2021
Final Price: $699.99 (USD)
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Buyer Feedback: 300

I have been collecting records now for the last 20+ years and just over the last couple years i have been selling off that collection.  Many of these vinyl's will be original releases, some will still have shrink and hype stickers intact and may have original inserts and all of them are rated in VG to NM condition all the way around from the cover to the vinyl itself.  Several will also be limited edition reissues and many of those will be still factory sealed.  A little bit about how i handle my vinyl collection.  When i receive a record the first thing i do is to place the insert inside the cover if it came with one and was shipped outside.  Next i always place the cover inside a brand new fresh 3mm plastic vinyl sleeve for protection.  Next, i always clean the vinyl and play test it for any skips or noticeable popping sounds or other flaws.  I make note of any scratches and how they effect the play back of the record.  Once i am done grading the record, it goes in a brand new fresh audiophile sleeve to keep it in exactly the same condition as i received it in.  Periodically i will play my records for my own listening pleasure but many go un-played after that initial play test and cataloging.  Any time i play my record, i always clean it before each play and after each play to ensure it is kept in the best condition possible.  I also clean the needle on my turn table before each play.  As you can see, i take a lot of pride in my record collection and keeping it in the best condition possible so that when i do sell them, you will know exactly what you are buying and there are no surprises. 
Today's auction is for an extremely rare collectors edition box set produced in 2017 by The Bicycle Music Company for the Iconic band Evanescence entitled "The Ultimate Collection". This box set includes 6LP's all with custom lyric inner sleeves, a 52 page case bound book featuring rare photo's & handwritten lyrics & artwork from Amy Lee's journals as well as a very special bonus item, one of the rare actual VIP Promo Posters hand signed by Amy Lee herself, these were extremely limited promotional posters and is included in this box set auction as an very special bonus item that really makes this a one of a kind set!!!  The Box Set contains the studio album Fallen, The Open Door & Evanescence as well as officially available for the first time ever "Origin".  There is also a bonus LP called "Lost Whisper" which collects the career spanning B-sides from this iconic band featuring two new vinyl exclusives: The studio version of the tour intro "Lost Whispers" and a very special acoustic update on the classic "Even in Death" from 2016.  

The Box Set case is in VG+ condition and is pretty awesome as it glows in the dark!! very cool:)  Each album's cover is in NM to VG+ condition as well as the lyric inserts and the vinyl LP's themselves.  All LP's play tested and no skips, pops or any other types of blemishes, each album sounds amazing. Being limited to only 12 photos, there is so much more i can send you if you ask for them but i had to be selective of what i included so if you want more photos, please don't hesitate to reach out and i can send you more.  
As i go through this entire set, here is the only blemishes i see that are worth noting: There is ever slight edgewear on the outer box, nothing serious at all but very light.  The book has a very small bit of edgewear on the lower left hand corner.  Origins album cover has some small amount of splitting in the top middle of the cover.  Also on Origin, the lyric insert sleeve has about 2" of splitting on the right side and bottom of the LP sleeve. Lost Whispers has a crease on the lower right of the album cover.  Also on Whispers, the lyric inner sleeve has the beginning of a split about 1" long on the right side and left side.  Evanescence has about a 2" split on the lyric inner sleeve on the left side.  Open Door, one of the lyric inner sleeves has about 1/2 " of splitting on the right and left side.  Fallen has about a 2" split on the right and bottom of the lyric inner sleeve.